Naomi Campbell's Not a Fan of the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West 'Vogue' Cover, Either

Not that anyone would accuse her of such, but Naomi Campbell really doesn't have much of a poker face, nor is she one for playing down her opinions. But all that changed when the supermodel was asked about her thoughts on the now-infamous Kanye West/Kim Kardashian Vogue cover, the typically outspoken supermodel was decidedly mum. But don't worry — what she did and didn't say did all the talking for her. And the verdict is in: Campbell is throwing some shade your way, Anna Wintour, because if you can't say anything nice you don't say anything at all.

Of course she attempts to do it with a little bit of attempted face-saving reverence. But we see right through you, Campbell! Silence and refusals are often far more telling than words. During an interview with Australia's The Morning Show where she was asked about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's headline-making cover, Campbell had only this to say: "I do not want to comment." Wait...what?

The hosts being, well... hosts, continued to prod her on the lack of comment, to which Campbell brought out a uncharacteristically blanket statement as to her reasoning: "Because I'm a fashion model and I've been working for 28 years. And when you get a Vogue cover it's a build in your career. It's a stepping-stone to achieve that. And I'm a fashion model, what more can I say?"

When asked point blank "so you think that Kim and Kanye haven't earned the right to be on the cover of Vogue?" Campbell's quip was almost instantaneous: "Those are your words. I'm being politically correct."


Naturally, the hosts weren't sure how to take all of this. I mean, Campbell is a woman who's so emotionally in touch with how she feels about things and people she sometimes throws phones at their heads. Considering Wintour is the maker and breaker of fashion careers, including Campbell's, her final point was perhaps the most telling: she's still afraid of the Vogue Editor-in-Chief. "That's Anna Wintour's choice to put them on the cover of her magazine, who's to question it?" Though who's to say if that's really all that accurate anymore, right? But I mean, I'm just an Internet writer so what more can I say?