Here's Where To Buy I Feel Like Hillz Shirt

With every election season comes great fashion to match, and this line is exactly that. Inspired by trendy fashion and powerful quotes, the I Feel Like Hillz gear is perfect for making a statement. Where can you buy the I Feel Like Hillz shirt? There's only one site to shop from, and you'll want to stock up soon.

If you're looking to wear your presidential views on your sleeve, then you're in luck. On top of American Apparel's Make American Gay Again line and Nasty Gal's Nasty Women gear, I Feel Like Hillz is getting into the fun too. The Brooklyn based company combines trendy fashions and political quotes in the best way possible.

According to the site, the line was inspired by Kanye West's I Feel Like Pablo merch. Instead of rap lyrics, the company uses Hillary Clinton quotes instead. They have everything from "Nasty Women" hats and tees their I Feel Like Hillz tee that says "I suppose I could have stayed home baked cookies and had teas" on the back.

If you're looking to grab one for yourself before election day, there's only one place to shop. These trendy tees aren't currently in store. The only way to buy is to head to the I Feel Like Hillz website.

The shirt comes in two different colors. Whether you're rocking the dark blue with white writing or the reverse, you'll be sporting feminism, politics, and USA-made clothing all at the same time. Basically, it's a win-win-win.

Cookies and Teas White, $25,

Each I Feel Like Hillz shirt is $25 each. That's a small price to pay for looking great and representing feminism. Currently, all colors and sizes are still in stock. I wouldn't wait too much longer though. There's no telling how fast this design will sell out.

There's a lot of Clinton gear out there, but none quite as trendy as this.

Images: I Feel Like Hillz