The I Feel Like Hillz Clothing Line Is So Trendy

With election year comes some seriously awesome election gear. I'm not talking about the official political tees though. Instead I mean the ones that take presidential nominee's quotes and slogans and make them into fashionable designs. That's exactly what I Feel Like Hillz does. The company combines the trendiest gear with political quotes to make for one magical clothing line. What's in the I Feel Like Hillz clothing line, you ask? Everything from t-shirts to dad hats and more.

This election has sparked a whole lot of fashion collections, but this could just be the best yet. I Feel Like Hillz has everything from hats and stickers to long and short sleeve tees that will have you wearing your political opinion on your sleeve.

One of their most popular designs is their I Feel Like Hillz tees. According to their site, it's inspired by Kanye West's I Feel Like Pablo merch. The front of the shirt says the name of the company while to back says, "I suppose I could have stayed home baked cookies and had teas."

The best part is the price. All the clothing items in the line ranges from $25 to $35, which is actually pretty affordable. Plus all proceeds go towards the Get Out The Vote Initiative, according to the site, which aims at increasing voter turnout.

If the I Feel Like Hillz shirt isn't for you, no worries. The company has tons of other tops to rep on your way to the polls. Here are all of your sartorial options.

1. Nasty Woman Tee

The Nasty Woman Tee, $30,

Short, sweet, and to the point.

2. Dad Hat

The Nasty Woman Hat, $35,

They even have a hat to match.

3. Hillary Long-Sleeve

Metal Hillary, $30,

Channel your inner rocker with this simple yet edgy shirt.

4. Cookies And Tea

Cookies And Teas White, $25,

This one is my personal favorite. It comes In blue as well.

Cookies And Teas White, $25,

5. Madam President

Madam President, $25,

I'm loving the colors of this design.

6. Science Tee

I Believe In Science Pocket Tee, $25,

Because who doesn't need another pocket tee?

7. Stencil Shirt

The Stencil Shirt, $25,

This one's for all you artistic people out there.

Basically, you can't go wrong with any one of these items.

Images: ifeellikehillz/Instagram (1), I Feel Like Hillz (8)