8 Best Adult Party Games According To Reddit Users

I trust Reddit to provide me with daily puppy GIFs, well-rounded opinions on political debates, the most current memes, and the best dad jokes that ever existed. Why wouldn’t I trust it to provide me with the best adult party games that’ll make any game night? There are tons of subreddits in which users discuss which party games never fail to liven things up and go-to board games for a group of adults, and while some were expected (a list is not a list without Cards Against Humanity, so spoiler: I’ll inevitably be starting there) a few picks definitely surprised me.

While a few Reddit-approved adult party games were ridiculously vulgar as well as just plain ridiculous, tons of favorites turned out to be not so adult at all. Granted, they could most definitely entertain a group of eight plastered thirty year olds, but if someone happened to bring their kid or a nephew they got stuck babysitting, said minor could jump right into the fun, too – sans alcohol, of course. If you’re looking for a list of great card, board, or electronic games for your next drunken party or classy gathering, look no further than this list of Reddit favorites.

1. This Ridiculous Game That’s Quickly Becoming A Legend

In just about every Reddit thread about adult party games, the name “Cards Against Humanity” gets thrown around left and right. “Nothing makes us laugh like things that we shouldn't laugh about,” says lionheart-713, and make you laugh it does. If you haven’t yet played this vastly inappropriate game, the rules are simple: one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

2. Test Out Your Poker Face With Balderdash

Balderdash,” says Reddit user R1otous. “Gives you some of the biggest laughs, guaranteed.” It’s played like this: categories contain real but unbelievable facts, and everyone has to make up fake answers to go alongside them. If you can manage to get away with your bluffs and call out other people, you’ll score all the points.

3. If Your Friends Are Nerds Who Love To Fight

PlasticMan17 says, “Superfight if your friends are nerds,” and that goes double for nerd friends who love to argue. Combine a character and an attribute card, and then pull out your best debating skills to explain why your zombie inside a giant hamster ball would win in a fight against George W. Bush using the Force.

4. This One’s Always Great For A Laugh

Telestrations is always great for a laugh,” says user moo422, who describes it as, “Broken Telephone + Pictionary.” Each player is given a word, and they attempt to draw it. When the timer runs out, the sketchbooks are passed, and the person to your right has to guess your word based on the drawing. It goes from word to picture and back again, and by the end, things get pretty weird.

5. This Letter-Based Categories Game

“I think Scattergories is underrated. I love that game,” says Santos_L_Halper, and I (alongside countless other Redditors) agree. Roll the dice to determine what letter your categories will start with — example: S. The person or team who comes up with the most unique answers wins, like “best desserts: Sundaes,” and “Things you grab on the way out: Sunglasses.”

6. This Game From The Dude Who Does "The Oatmeal"

“Right now it's quickly becoming Exploding Kittens,” says Reddit user Nomsfud. It’s described as “a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats,” but it’s actually like a game of Russian Roulette. Players pick cards until they get the exploding kitten, which means they’re out, unless you have a diffuse card or an action card.

7. Describe The Phrase Without Saying The Phrase

Catch Phrase. Good game to play when you have an equal amount of ladies and gents,” says throwinmethataway. “Have a few drinks. Good Times.” Choose from five categories, and the electronic unit picks one for you. Then you have to describe the word without saying it directly, and if your team guesses it, you get a point.

8. Pretty Much Password Meets James Bond

Codenames is probably the hottest one out there right now,” According to power_yyc, “and this won't be the only comment to mention it. Easy to teach, and scales up to a decent number of players quite well.” A bit like Password, two separate teams give one-word associations that help spymasters learn the secret identities of 25 agents, and reviewers say that it’s easy to learn, super engaging, and tons of fun.

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