What You Can Buy From The Tarteist PRO Collection

Sometimes, pro collections are just that — only for purchase by professionals only. The new Tarteist PRO Collection, however, is available to the public right now, and every item in the collection is pretty great. Starting from $20 for the new Tarteist Quick Dry Lip Paint, to $53 for the Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette, and a smooth $45 for the Tarteist PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette — the prices are reasonable for items that give you everything you need to get your makeup game up rivaling the pros.

The Tarteist PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette is all about satisfying every highlight and contour goal you could ever have, the lip paints could potentially give you the perfect pout, and the Amazonian Clay Palette is all about serving color. If you're a beginner, this palette has got you covered for experimenting with looks until you find the right one for you. And if you're a professional? You're sure to realize the quality of these products in just one palette.

The full collection was pictured on beauty news-seeker Trendmood1's Instagram page. Though it's not being sold as a collection (not yet, anyways), it's helpful to see it all in one place so you know exactly what you're shopping for to make your collection complete.

Here's everything included in the collection, broken down by each piece under the PRO umbrella.

1. Tarteist PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette

Tarteist PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette, $45,

With four highlighter shades, one powder contour color and a cream contour shade, this palette is all any contour fan really needs. Whether you want to layer your contouring with cream and powder or you just want a simple strobing look to stay extra sparkly throughout the day, the Tarteist PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette has you covered.

Plus with four different shades of highlighter, you can choose between silvery angel vibes or bronzed goddess tones — your shade of shimmer is entirely up to you.

2. Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette

Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette, $53,

If you need a solid reason to invest in another palette, or particularly the Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette, look no further. Not only are these shades a good variety to ensure multiple, completely different, makeup looks, but this palette uses all natural ingredients to make for stronger shades, longer wear and hopefully, a healthier time for your skin.

The eyeshadows use Amazonian clay (as you probably guessed by now) but the colors include vanilla extract, which produces a natural fragrance as well as anti ageing properties. So if you're trying to justify to yourself and others your need for this palette, go forth and explain the wonderful properties of the ingredients that really make this palette unique.

3. Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint

Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint, $20,

The cheapest in the collection but maybe not in the liquid lipstick game, this line of lippies comes in 10 shades and promises to dry quickly and beautifully matte. Tarte promise these colors are transfer proof with a full coverage that lasts all day, which sounds like everything you've ever wanted a liquid lipstick to be.

Whether you're investing in key products to get you through the winter months, you're shopping for presents for equally makeup obsessed pals or you just want to treat yourself, the Tarte PRO Collection is a great place to start. Aside from your foundation base, all these products combined are all you need for a multitude of amazing makeup looks for the rest of the year.

Images: Trendmood1/Instagram, Courtesy Tarte Cosmetics