T.Swift's Cover Of Calvin Harris' Song Is Huge

Contrary to popular belief, two adults can, in fact, break up with one another and actually have no hard feelings between them. Sometimes, it just doesn't work out and that's totally OK. Though arguably, when it comes to Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' breakup, it might have just taken the stars a little longer than some to get to that place of amicability, due to their fame. Still, it seems like the duo have really have come to a place where they're on good terms, as US Weekly relays that Swift performed Harris' "This Is What You Came For" at her concert in Texas on Saturday. It seems like Swift and Harris are friends, or at least on good enough terms for the 1989 superstar to cover her ex's song.

Now, I don't know about you, but I think that Swift's cover of the song at the Formula 1 concert says a whole lot about where she and Harris are at with each other at the moment. I mean, consider the fact that Harris made some pointed and emotional jabs at Swift after their breakup, referencing himself being "free" on Instagram and possibly subtweeting her about the music debacle over this very song. Add that behavior to Harris deciding to hang out with Swift rivals Kanye West and Kim Kardashian around that time as well, and it seemed like the duo were not exactly on good terms. Now, though, Swift's cover of Harris' song shows that there's been a 180 change of heart.

According to Us Weekly Swift said before performing the song,

As a songwriter, the most rewarding feeling in the world is writing something and having a crowd sing it back to you because you know the words. I've never played this song live before, but you know it. Maybe you can sing along.

And then she proceeded to kill it.

Sure, you could counter that this was merely Swift claiming the song she wrote. But it feels like more than that for a few reasons. Firstly, Swift doesn't usually insert herself in situations where she's actively trying to avoid the people involved. Save for her rebuttal to Kardashian over the Kanye phone controversy, she doesn't address gossip or drama, but typically pretends it doesn't exist. Secondly, in September, TMZ claimed per a source that Harris and Swift were friendly once again and "texting [to] put an end to their drama."

To me, this cover seems like a public gesture on Swift's part so as to sorta, kinda acknowledge without actually acknowledging that she and Harris have, in fact, made up and are back to being friends. And, after all, it is totally on brand for Swift to go about her relationship triumphs and troubles through song.