Donald Trump's Handwriting Has Been Turned Into A Font, And It's Perfect For Any Occasion

After months of nonstop election coverage, you may be desperate to return to a time when the antics of a dried-out orange marker masquerading as the Republican presidential nominee didn't captivate the globe. I'm sorry to say that with the election just around the corner, Donald Trump isn't going away anytime soon, but at last, something good has come out of his campaign: Donald Trump's handwriting has been turned into a font by BuzzFeed's deputy art director, Ben King, and typographer Mark Davis. Not only is the font available online for free, but it's been appropriately named Tiny Hand. You may take this time for a quick break of uproarious laughter.

In a BuzzFeed post published on Tuesday, King explained that the font came about as part of a satirical piece envisioning Trump's speech notes from the third presidential debate. With King art directing, Davis created a font designed to mimic the presidential nominee's handwriting. Much like the man himself, Trump's handwriting is unique, to say the least; most of the letters (but not all) are capitalized and written at a slant. According to King, Trump's choice of medium is often peculiar as well. In his Google searches, he claimed that "Trump’s notes, written to friends and enemies alike, were almost always... scrawled on top of printouts of articles from the internet," which would be... not exactly surprising.

As you can see in Davis' tweet above, BF Tiny Hand is cartoonish, bubbly, and still somehow angular; the Daily Dot aptly compared it to the Disney font. On October 18, BuzzFeed released it for free download. To channel the handwriting of the man who is less popular than Nickelback, just head over to the Dropbox link provided in the BuzzFeed article and unzip the file once it's downloaded. Place the files into the fonts folder, and scribble away on your computer.

Something tells me Tiny Hand is going to be yuge on the path to Election Day. If the election results don't go the way Trump is hoping, perhaps he has a career ahead of him: making graphic design great again.

This article was updated on October 24, 2016 to clarify Mark Davis' role in creating the font.

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