Jordan & JoJo Shouldn't Have A 'Bachelorette' TV Wedding, Because They Should Take Their Time Down The Aisle

It's a new era for Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise couples. While there are plenty of pairs who choose to part ways, others have not only stayed together and walked down the aisle, but also chosen to return to television, like Ben and Lauren of Ben & Lauren. But, I have a bold piece of advice for the latest Bachelorette couple: JoJo & Jordan should not have a TV wedding. First things first, JoJoJo fans, don't get upset at me — you'll still be able to see nearly every detail of how/when/where the couple got married, since they'll likely share it on their Instagrams, in magazine spreads, and will certainly have all of their friends documenting it from the audience. So, there's no real reason for you to be desperate to see it on TV when they'd probably have even more control over how their wedding it portrayed if they keep it off of the airwaves.

According to an interview they did with E!, JoJo and Jordan already delayed their marriage in order to ensure that it turns out well. JoJo added that the couple are shooting for "sometime in 2017." It takes months of careful planning in order to orchestrate a successful wedding, and Jordan added that he's not going to be a part of it. "That's like the women's job, the moms and her, I don't know where to start," he told E!

Honestly, if that's his attitude, sounds like they haven't really even started planning the wedding, because I don't think JoJo would be the type to just sit there and take complete responsibility for an event that could potentially have hundreds of people in attendance.

Sticking to a TV production schedule can't be great for any couple. Producing a limited series about their journey to the altar or appearing on a special episode of the next Bachelor season quite frankly sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. The reason this couple was so beloved is because they seem genuine. And, nothing erodes that more quickly than returning to reality TV.

Ultimately, though, the stats don't lie. InStyle collected all of the Bachelor couples who had TV weddings, and a bunch of the couples who are still together, including Catherine and Sean and Trista and Ryan, did televise their weddings, so if JoJo and Jordan do decide to go down that route, it doesn't necessarily spell out doom for the pair. However, Desiree Hartsock and Chris Sigfried, who just welcomed their first child together after getting married offscreen in 2015, waited several years between meeting on The Bachelorette and getting hitched. So I'd say this: Given that JoJo and Jordan have already decided to wait before walking down the aisle, this couple may take all the time they need — even if that means passing up the chance at a TV wedding.