Chrissy Teigen's New Luna Instagram Is Just The Latest In A Series Of Adorable Baby Moments — PHOTO

I have shipped mega power couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend pretty much from the get go. So, I was always going to be just a little bit biased towards the level of cute that their kid would be. But when I say that their little girl is just about the most precious thing to ever grace my Instagram feed, I mean it — especially when it comes to Teigen's latest Instagram post of Luna, in which the baby is seen on video, trying out green beans for the first time and having a major epiphany regarding the vegetable.

Sure, you might assume that watching a baby try food might not seem like the most exciting thing on your timeline, but you'd be wrong. First of all, it's social media queen Teigen doing the feeding. Secondly, Baby Luna is so overjoyed by her mother's doting and the new food that you can't help but be entranced by the interaction. Thankfully, the video is just one of many of Luna's most adorable social media moments. And, to prove that she only gets cuter by the day (and by extension, so do Legend and Teigen as parents) let's take a look at the sweetest Instagram posts of the baby thus far:

1. First Things First, The Green Beans

That giggle is everything.

2. When Luna Was Getting Burped And Teigen Put On A Show To Pass The Time

I know it's been said before, but Luna is Legend's twin. And, they ironically both make the same face while looking at Teigen, which is too cute.

3. When Luna Went For A Ride

What a brave baby.

4. When Luna And Her Cousin Cuddled

*Sobs uncontrollably*

5. And When She Thought Her Aunt Was The Funniest Person Alive

It figures she'd have a good sense of humor like her mom.

6. When She Dressed Up As The World's Cutest Chef

It's almost too cute.

7. When Luna Was Just A Brand New Nugget

Is this the most heartwarming family picture ever, taken or...?

8. When She Was Just Wiggling Around

As babies do.

9. When She Struck An Expert Pose

Just like her supermodel mom.

10. When She Showed Off Her Crawling Form

Expert level. Puts all other not-yet-crawling babies to shame.

11. When Teigen Let Us Know Luna's BFF Was A Stuffed Giraffe

Same, tbh.

12. When Luna Took A Selfie With Mom And Dad

Too cool for school, you guys.

13. When She Was Just Straight Up Chilling

I hope to achieve her level of zen one day.

I could keep going with all of the Luna cuteness, but we'd probably be here all day.