Selena Gomez Posts Picture of a "Secret Project," So We Did Some Sleuthing

Last week, Selena Gomez shared a nude photo with all of Instagram. No, you can't see any bits or pieces, but she's def nakey. Live that life, Gomez. Life that life. This week, Gomez posted another sexy (can I? Just pardon my manners) pic. But this time around, she is not dancing in some gauzy curtains. She is primping in front of a vanity. And this time around, she’s not naked. She's wearing a short, tight-fitting, and mostly backless costume. OO LA LA! What are you up to, Gomez? What’s the occasion? The caption will surely give us answers, yes? Let us look at the caption:

“… Secret project.”

Oh, is that all you’re going to tell us, Gomez? What could this “secret project” possibly be?!?! Well, I'll be! We've got a MYSTERY on our hands. I must solve this mystery.

On first glance, I figured Gomez was prepping for a photo or video shoot of some sort. When I see a celeb gettin' glam in front of a vanity, I always assume it’s for something in front of a professional camera. I assume there's a set involved. Lighting. Mics. Et cetera. But that conclusion felt too obvious. Too easy. I began to doubt my instincts. I began to question everything I thought I knew. All bets were off. I dug my magnifying glass out of my closet and inspected the picture for clues:

  • A bottle of Fiji water AND what looks like a can of Red Bull— Is it a secret recycling project?
  • A maybe-old computer monitor—Is it a secret computer-building project?
  • An empty outlet—Is it a secret energy-saving project?
  • A fold up director’s chair—Is it a secret chair-sitting project?
  • A curling iron and a straightener—Is it a secret hairstyling tutorial project?
  • A painting of someone riding a horse and a jar of brushes—Is it a secret art project?
  • What might be a phone charging—Is it a "don't overcharge your electronics" awareness project?

Obviously, I was born to gumshoe. I'm definitely leaning toward the "don't overcharge your electronics" hypothesis, if only because I take not overcharging electronic devices very seriously.

Will Gomez's next pic drop hints about the "secret project"? Unfortunately, I cannot see the future. Only time will tell, my friend. Only time will tell.

Image: selenagomez/Instagram