Selena Gomez Gets Naked...On Instagram?!

Sometimes, like most people, I question why celebrities post certain photos on their Instagram accounts and on Twitter. And by "sometimes," I really mean "always," because that just so happens to be my job as an Entertainment writer. So when Selena Gomez posted a naked picture on Instagram, I had to ask the big question: “Why?

Although the image in question looks somewhat artistic because of the sunlight streaming in through the windows, nudity, jumping, and of course the hipster filter and/or border, if any of us non-celebrity folk did that, our friends would give us shit for it (at least, I know my own friends would ask me why the hell I was playing in a curtain naked). But Gomez is a celebrity, so that doesn't apply! That in mind, this post could mean one of two things: Either the singer and actress is purely trying to get attention as most celebrities do whenever they post nude photos, or she is merely attempting to show us how happy she is. After all, we know that she has had a bit of a rough year after experiencing a complicated on and off again relationship with singer Justin Bieber, a short stint in rehab, and now a possible feud with her BFF Taylor Swift.

It’s possible that she is trying to let us know that despite the chaos that has occurred in her life recently, she’s not going to let any of it get her down. All you need is a little bit of sunshine, nudity, happiness, and a lot of curtain to lift your spirits (and didn't Shailene Woodley recently recommend doing exactly this?)

Honestly though, with all my sarcasm aside, the singer does look like she’s having a good time — she probably wouldn’t have posted the picture otherwise. If this is truly a statement about living a healthier life, then all we can really do is be joyful with her for posting this, because we’re always #TeamSelena.

However, if this is just a new type of tanning ritual that I have yet to learn about, I’d really love someone to fill me in on it.

Image: Instagram/selenagomez