Frank Underwood Would be King in 'Game of Thrones'

by Alicia Lutes

As everyone who watches the epic HBO series knows, "in the Game of Thrones , you either win or you die." Well, one thing is for certain: House of Cards ' Frank Underwood would totally rule the shit out of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. I mean, the Realm looks like a sort of playground for those Kevin Spacey-fronted monologues and machinations. Particularly after watching this mash-up video of the two epic series, wherein good ol' Frank has his way with the rulers battling for power.

Sure, it may be a commercial for Quiznos (what a long way they've come from sing-screeching gerbils), but that doesn't take away from its brilliance. In the pitch-perfect clip, a spot-on Frank Underwood impersonator — that accent is so good I rewatched the video twice just to hear it — is positively gleeful as he glides through the Seven Kingdoms (because what's better than one nation than ruling several?), taking out his potential opponents one by one. With his dragon (Stamper, ha) by his side and more than a few tricks up his sleeve, Underwood cuts down any and every potential roadblock in his future. If George R.R. Martin had considered including a character like this in his epic novel series, it would've surely ended pages and pages (and pages) earlier. Are you a ruler or a runner? Surprise: you're neither!

Who knew Game of Thrones could get even more ruthless? Knock, knock.

Image: Netflix