Negan's Victim On ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Revealed

Alright folks, the games have officially begun. Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 ahead. Negan killed Abraham on The Walking Dead and even though he wasn't the only one to get Lucille'd, it still hurts.

I'll be the first to admit that Abe was my "hope" for Negan's victim. While I don't dislike the character, he isn't my favorite and would be less difficult to mourn than most other characters. I might miss Abe's quips, but other characters can fill that gap — even his own right-hand man, Eugene. Plus, since he found himself in a love triangle in Season 6, Abraham's loss causes a lot of conflict and grief with Sasha and Rosita. Both of them are deserving of more substantial plotlines and seeing them cope with this grief in different days could add a lot of depth to the characters. It'll also be interesting to see how their relationship changes now that the tension between them has been broken in such an extreme way.

Not to mention the fact that few characters on The Walking Dead are going to go down cussing, which was actually added for the show. Though Abraham did die in the comics, it was in a different way — he was killed by an arrow the exact way Denise was on the series — and his tragic yet badass encounter with Negan was very fitting for his character.

While Glenn's loss may be the more immediate gut punch, I think we'll end up grieving Abraham in other ways over time as The Walking Dead continues.

Images: Gene Page/AMC; journeyslegend/Tumblr