Who Will Die In 'The Walking Dead' Season 7? Negan Isn't The Only Threat

While anyone who watched the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead has been spending the last six months trying to figure out who Negan killed, there are bound to be plenty of other deaths in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. Not to minimize the impact that Negan's beating will have, but there is such a thing as too much speculation and with 11 people being on the chopping block and months to theorize after the Season 6 cliffhanger, I'm ready to think about who else might die in Season 7 of The Walking Dead . Who Negan killed with his barbed wire baseball bat Lucille will be revealed during the Season 7 premiere on Sunday, Oct. 23, but that also means that now is the time to start considering the very real possibility of who may die besides the people in Negan's lineup during the next season of the AMC series.

Even though I was a member of The Walking Dead fandom who was pretty displeased with how the series handled Negan's appearance (understatement of the year), it's not like I'm necessarily looking forward to finding out who Negan killed. Yet, I am ready to move on from this bloody beating as soon as possible — after all, we have had months to prepare — and see what else the series has in store. Since Season 3, each season has 16 episodes and that can equate to a lot of deaths of the living. While Negan's initial killing of Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, Eugene, Abraham, Aaron, Sasha, Maggie, or Glenn (Carl and Rick have been proven to be safe) will affect the entire Season 7, I've already started speculating who may die who's not in Negan's current eyesight. Here are some characters who may not be safe in Season 7 and warning, comic book spoilers follow.



Glenn is the frontrunner for who will be killed by Negan since that was what happened in the comics, but now it almost seems too obvious for the show to kill him off. If you also think that The Walking Dead wouldn't be so cruel as to kill off the pregnant Maggie (even if NYCC may have hinted otherwise), then a substitute could be Enid. She had fled Alexandria in Season 6, but after she saved Glenn, she became part of his family unit with Maggie. A way to hurt Maggie and Glenn without it being 100 percent devastating would be to have Enid die — and it would also negatively impact Carl. And since there's no Enid in the comic books (the closest character is Lydia), her fate is completely up in the air.



While I think we'll see Negan continue to antagonize the gang for Season 7 and beyond, some of his Savior lackeys have got to go. And the number one Savior I'd like to see die is Dwight. Seriously, he must die, right? Not only did he steal Daryl's motorcycle and crossbow in Season 6, but he killed Denise. Daryl has it out for him and if he survives Negan's bat (which I fully expect him to do), I imagine he'll continue to make killing Dwight a priority and there's no way Daryl will let Dwight defeat him three times in a row.



The conflicted son of Deanna is the last of the Monroe bloodline, but his chances of survival seem pretty slim going into Season 7. Honestly, I'm fascinated that he has made it this long on the series. He doesn't have much going on storyline-wise besides his budding relationship with Rosita (where he's way more into her than she is into him), so he seems ripe for the killing. He's a relatively low-level character and was killed by Negan in the comics, so you may want to prepare your goodbyes for Spencer in Season 7.



The leader of the Hilltop colony already was a jerk to Maggie in Season 6 with his chauvinistic style and in the comics, his relationship with Maggie directly led to his demise. I think his TV character should share a similar fate — and sooner rather than later.

Carol Or Morgan


Not to be wishy-washy, but I am simultaneously confident that one of these characters will die and conflicted on which one it will be. Season 6 linked their fates together with Morgan making Carol regret the people she killed and Carol making Morgan realize there are times in the zombie apocalypse where it's essential to take a life. I am personally over Carol's crises and her character arc almost seemed to be repeating with her being separated from the group again in Season 6. Yet, Carol is a much more integral part of the original crew than Morgan is and seeing him die after he has decided that he needs to kill again could be really effective. Morgan and Carol will most likely start Season 7 with a journey to the Kingdom, so I don't expect either of them to die right away, but it could happen later on in the season. And as both characters are already dead in the comics, this is purely conjecture, but my guess is that Morgan will be the one to die in Season 7.



Another duo who's out on the road together is Heath and Tara, which means I'm concerned for one of their fates. Heath hasn't been established enough for his death to be really affecting, but The Walking Dead sometimes needs lesser characters like that to kill — especially with the promise of a major character dying at the hands of Negan. While Tara could also die, she doesn't know that her girlfriend whom she loved has died, so it would be a waste — in terms of the emotional impact of the show — to kill her before she finds out. Plus, as the series' sole surviving lesbian, the sexual orientation diversity of the show would significantly decrease by Tara's death. While I'm not certain that Heath will die on their run, Heath actor Corey Hawkins was cast as the lead in the upcoming TV series 24: Legacy, so he may not have much time to dedicate to filming The Walking Dead, which means chances of him not surviving long in Season 7 are high.

Although all eyes will be on Negan and his victim come Oct. 23, don't forget that The Walking Dead thrives on its shocking deaths, so no one is ever truly safe from the Grim Reaper (except maybe Rick) and that will stay true in Season 7.

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