Khloe Kardashian Might Get A Boob Job On 'KUWTK'

I admire Khloe Kardashian for so many reasons, including but not limited to her hardcore work ethic when it comes to the gym, her loyalty to her friends and family, and her business savy. But even though she's basically superwoman, she still has her insecurities like the rest of us mere mortals, and she opened up about one of them on this week's premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. On Sunday night's new episode, Khloe revealed that she might want breast implants, and after doing a lot of research, it seems like she might actually be sold on the idea.

Although this is clearly something Khloe seems to have been thinking about for a long time, it first became obvious she was considering it when she admitted how jealous she was of Kim's hourglass figure. The only natural next step? To try on different sized bra enhancers to see what size she might want to get. And of course, the person she had on hand for moral support was Scott Disick. Yes, the legendary BFF pair is finally back in action again, and even though the situation itself was a little strange, there's nothing better than seeing these two interact on screen.

After visiting a plastic surgeon for a consultation, Khloe was officially convinced that she needed to have this surgery. But not right away. Her ultimate verdict was that while breast implants are definitely in her future, she needs to wait for the right time to do it — like when she has plenty of time to take off so she can recover after surgery. It's a pretty big deal!

Khloe is gorgeous just the way she is, but if implants will make her confidence skyrocket, good for her. How open she's being about her feelings and the process of deciding whether or not plastic surgery was right for her... especially when you consider how she and her family are constantly judged by those who keep up with them.

You do you, girl. I'll be here pretending you're my best friend either way!