Drake Is Delivering New Music This December

Serious question: does Drake ever sleep? It feels like I turn my back on him for one second, and, by the time I turn back around, he's completed six new albums and is about to drop a mixtape. Speaking of which, let's talk about it — when does More Life: The Playlist come out? All Drake has given us so far is the fairly vague promise of "December," which isn't nearly specific enough for my tastes. If I had to guess, I'd say that it will be early December, specifically the 16. Let's see if we can get ourselves any more information about when in December More Life will drop.

Drake made the announcement of his upcoming project on Oct. 23 on OVO Sound , his radio show with Apple's Beats 1, while premiering the four new songs that I'm sure we've all been listening to nonstop on Monday.

I'm off like mixtapes, I want to do a playlist. I want to give you a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life, so this More Life: The Playlist. Like I said, dropping in December. All original music from me.

So we know a little bit about what it is, just still not exactly when it is. Unfortunately, Drake's Instagram didn't clarify things much at all. It's a photo of Drake's father, which looks to be the album cover since it has the More Life title and a Parental Advisory sticker. But the caption is still just that same reference to December.

The fact that we already have album art and a title, and four tracks makes me think that this album is probably pretty close to being done. That, in turn, makes me think early December is probably the sweet spot for More Life 's ultimate release date. Any later than Dec. 20, and Drake runs the risk of competing with Christmas albums. The earlier in the month he goes, the more likely it is that people will give the new playlist as holiday gifts to their more music-savvy friends. My personal bet is Dec. 16; just looking at his previous releases, the only thing Drake has ever dropped before the 15th of the month is If You're Reading This It's Too Late , which came out on Feb. 13, 2015.

So historically, this guy leans toward the end of the month. However, since, in the case of December, there are a bunch of complicating factors at the literal end, I suspect he'll lean toward the middle. Let's reconvene on Dec. 16, at which point we'll hopefully have even more Drake music.