A Surprise Taylor Swift Album Is Possible

For a world thirsty AF for some new T. Swift music — it's been two years since 1989, and Oct. 24 marks the 10-year anniversary from the release of her self-titled debut album — fans are desperate to know if Taylor Swift will drop a surprise album this week. Much like Beyoncé has done with both Beyoncé and Lemonade (and Drake has with If You're Reading This It's Too Late), the concept of a surprise album is definitely now a ~thing~ (and a successful thing at that). So: What's the story with TS6? Will Swift drop her sixth album straight out of nowhere?

TBH, the buzz centered around TS6 has been so loud for so long that even if she did, it wouldn't exactly be a surprise. And it's not hard to see why fans think she will — the "Out of the Woods" singer certainly has a pattern when it comes to album releases. She's released one album every two years since 2006, and four of them were between the dates of Oct. 22 - Oct. 27 (1989 was released on October 27, 2014; Red on Oct 22, 2012; Speak Now on October 25, 2010; Fearless on November 11, 2008; and Taylor Swift on October 24, 2006). If Swift doesn't drop TS6 this year, 2016 will break this pattern.

There's evidence for both sides of the argument, which is part of the reason why it's just so fun to speculate. For a while there, fans were thinking that TS6 would be released on Oct. 23, since the date added up (1+0+2+3+1+6) to 13, Swift's lucky number. Now that we've passed that date (and still no album!) that theory has clearly been shot down. Plus, Swift has said herself that she has been taking a little bit of a break, creatively.

"I decided I was going to live my life a little bit without the pressure on myself to create something," she told Vogue in April.

That being said, in September, Gigi Hadid let it slip to Entertainment Tonight that Swift was back in the studio and working on new music. Not to mention the fact that Swift performed in concert in Austin on Sunday, her first and only show of 2016. Hmmm. Sounds like someone who is eager to be working on her craft...

And then there's this interview (watch below), in which she discusses the excitement of the lead-up to an album release — and then drops this line: "My life could change in the next couple of years and I could all of a sudden just want to drop an album. You never know." Um, "you never know" is right. What are you saying, T. Swift?!

Remember, it's only Monday of this potential album release week — and new albums usually drop on Fridays. There's still time left for TS6. And time is really the only thing that will tell...

Image: Giphy