Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Cereals Are Coming

January gets a bad rap for being "the most depressing month of the year" — after all, the holidays are over, it's cold, and you have to wait until Feb. 15 to get the good sale on boxed chocolates at the drugstore under your apartment. But January 2017 just got a hella boost by the promise of Girl Scout cookie-flavored cereals that are about to hit a grocery aisle near you. Fellow cookie fans rejoice, for the Thin Mint cereal and Caramel Crunch (aka Samoa) cereal will be produced by General Mills, confirmed in a tweet from the company Monday morning. January is now officially your favorite month of the year.

At first people thought this might be wishful thinking, since it was originally announced on the Instagram account candyhunting, and not by General Mills themselves. The non-believers are formally invited to suck it, because we will all be #blessed by the majesty of these flavors very soon. Can you imagine it? A world where this garbage fire election is over once and for all, and you are sitting at your kitchen table, eating dessert for breakfast as the sun shines in and Oscar Isaac plays in the living room with the puppy you co-adopted? (Sorry, sorry, I'm back now.) Point being, 2017 is clearly going to be a better world, as evidenced by THIS.

And also, THIS.

My brain is literally just infinity praise hands emoji right now, especially because I definitely did break down last week and, as if in a trance, ripped my last box of Thin Mints out of the freezer and proceeded to eat an entire sheet of them possibly without breathing. Now I only have to wallow in regret of eating the last of my stash for another two months! Huzzah!

While General Mills has not confirmed exactly what stores it will be sold in, they have assured the masses that it will be available nationwide. With Girl Scout cookie season still three months away, though, it might seem like an awfully long time to wait. But hey, at least you have Girl Scout Cookie baking mixes to tide you over.

As someone who has eaten pretty much every one of those now, I can attest to the fact that they are a worthy substitute of your Girl Scout #faves. But patience is key, my friends, for there is still a long way to go in finishing off the insanity of 2016, and we have no idea what lies ahead ... just remember no matter how dark this election season gets, there is a cereal light at the end of the tunnel.

Images: General Mills