Real Housewives of New York: Ramona, and Avery, and Sonja, Oh My!

Alright, I think everyone has had quite enough of the whole #BookGate controversy on The Real Housewives of New York and just with Carole and Aviva in general, for that matter. But mostly, we're sure that the guests at Aviva's housewarming party wished they could shrink up and disappear during that horrendous outburst. SO EMBARRASSING. Ghost writer, editor, Shakespeare, we don't even care who wrote what book just so long as we don't have to hear them bicker like children about it anymore. Phew.

Let's focus on some other pertinent issues in this episode, like say, I don't know, the fact that Avery Singer is going to prom. Isn't she twelve?! Are we old?! Not going to lie, that little flashback to baby Avery and Ramona bantering about chaperoning hit us right in the feels. We admit, we even got a little teary eyed. (So sue us). It's amazing to see that the show has been on the air so long that we literally witnessed Avery growing up before our eyes. Can it be that Ramona, and subsequently, Avery are the only original RHONY cast members left? Stand tall, Singer family!

Other notable moment of the night: Sonja hiring her new intern. First things first, why does Sonja need interns? And, why then does she need so damn many? Sonja's newest conquest didn't seem to know what she was getting herself into. The poor thing looked like she was preparing to go to the electric chair when Sonja reminisced about power washing couches and nonchalantly implying that she'd be living in the house. Not that we don't love our witty and wild gal, she's like an older, drunker, more promiscuous Jennifer Lawrence, you never know what's going to come out of her mouth. But, sometimes she's even a little too elitist. We like her better when she's filling in the scuffs on her Prada bags with permanent marker and chasing after twenty-three-year olds, it makes her more human. Well, sort of.