Vanessa Hudgens' Box Braids Lead To Cultural Appropriation Accusations & A Lot Of Upset Twitter Users — PHOTO

Over the weekend, Vanessa Hudgens shared Snapchats of herself wearing a head full of braids that look like box or individual braids — traditionally black hairstyles. Needless to say, it did not take long for followers to call out Hudgens for cultural appropriation, with many expressing their anger, disappointment, and shock at her choice of hairstyle.

People took to Twitter in droves to slam Hudgens and accuse her of cultural appropriation — something she has been accused of multiple times before. (Hudgens has worn bindis to several Coachellas past.) For her part, the Grease: Live star has not yet responded to any of the controversy surrounding her most recent Snapchats, but she was clearly into the hair — which may have been a wig — posing coyly and captioning the photo, "Yaaas braids." Bustle has reached out to Hudgens' rep for comment, but has not yet received a response.

Twitter, for the most part, was pretty much "Noooo braids," with most users responding with GIF reactions and a whole lot of frustration. One even went so far as to label Hudgens the "queen of cultural appropriation." Yikes.

Still, there were others who had the opposite reaction, and felt that hairstyles shouldn't be restricted by race.

Considering Hudgens has not responded to cultural appropriation accusations in the past, it is doubtful she will respond to this one, either.