Ashley Tisdale's Illuminate Brushes Are Back

BH Cosmetics has been a major force in the cosmetics industry for a while now thanks to their stellar products and incredible prices. As of late, the Ashley Tisdale x BH Cosmetics collaboration has been the talk of the brand and lucky for everyone, the Ashley Tisdale Illuminate brushes are back in stock over at the brand's site. These beauties are basically mermaid brushes, and it's no wonder they'd been sold out and needed to be restocked.

The Ashley Tisdale x BH Cosmetics collaboration launched this past spring, and it basically had something for everyone. From palettes to lip glosses, the makeup was fabulous, but it was the Illuminate makeup brushes that had fans insanely stoked. The teal, ocean-inspired brushes are good for creams, liquids, and powders, and they loo incredible sitting on a vanity. It's no wonder fans were so adamant about a restock. Thankfully, BH Cosmetics listened, and the brushes are currently for sale over at the brand's website.

That means if you weren't fortunate enough to snag them last time they were out, they can still totally be yours and just in time to help you do your Halloween makeup. What's not to love about that timing?

Get ready to snag these beauties for only $15. With eight stunning brushes perfectly suited for all makeup formulations, it's practically a steal.

The brand totally fulfilled their promise to restock by the end of the month, but if I were you, I'd go ahead and snatch the Illuminate brushes no. They're sure to sell out again.

Fans are clearly already purchasing them.

Head over to the BH Cosmetics website to get the newly restocked Ashley Tisdale Illuminate brushes. Be quick, though, because they won't last long.