SUR-Riffic News, Lisa Vanderpump Fans

Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna, and Justin Bieber better make some room at the emoji-preneur table, because yet another celebrity has joined the app party. Bravolebrity and queen of the Sexy Unique Empire Lisa Vanderpump released an emoji collection of her own, and it is about as divine as a platter of SUR goat cheese balls. A most swan-derful addition to my cell phone (wait, where's the Hanky and Panky emoji?).

The Vandermojis library not only features textable illustrations of stuff like LVP sangria bottles, Vanderpump’s pets, and Vanderpump holding a diamond the size of a bowling ball, but it also happened to roll up to the App Store with some Vanderpump audio clips and Vanderpump GIFs. What it lacks in Vanderpump Rules-themed drawings (when will we finally get a Pump Rules emoji set? Answer: not soon enough) it makes up for in miniature horse stickers and Vanderpump flipping the middle finger stickers and "Flats are like a disease" sound bytes. Couldn't be happier with this purchase.

If you aren't sure you want to shell out 199 pennies for this cell phone application, I am here to help you make this crucial decision. I’ve selected five Vandermoji that are so special, they will SUR-tainly win over any fan of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

The Bird Flip Giggy Hold

A master class in multitasking.

The Thermometer

Has anyone ever looked so glamorous with a thermometer in their mouth?

The Miniature Horses

This beautiful portrait of Diamonds and Rosé means so much to me.

The Fire Face

I gotta say, the flames really complement the pink highlights.

And Finally, The Vanderdog Pile

Even the emoji version of Lisa Vanderpump lives life to the fullest.

And with that, I must go send the Giggy bird flip emoji to my nearest and dearest fellow LVP fans. It's important to show them I care, ya know?

Images: Vandermojis by Lisa Vanderpump/Kapps Media LLC (5)