Simone Gundy Advances On 'The Voice' & The Decision Was A Pretty Obvious One

Monday evening on NBC's The Voice , Adam Levine chose between David Moisan and Simone Gundy during the knockout round. Before the contestants performed and Adam picked one person to move forward to the live rounds of the show, viewers got to see a peek into this week's rehearsal. There Adam declared, "David and Simone are very different, but they're both heavy-hitting singers so it's going to be a really tough one."

David shared that he was going to perform "Like I Can" by Sam Smith because "lyrically it made [him] think about how much [he] loves [his] wife" which was a super sweet sentiment. He also declared, "I do pop music so the knockouts are a chance to show Adam who I can really want to be as an artist." He also revealed that he felt the pressure of being a recent addition to Adam's team when he said, "I am the new guy to Team Adam. I really want to show him that he made a good decision."

Adam talked about how David made a pretty risky move with the song selection: "Dave has incredible range. He also has a lot of power, but Sam Smith is an ambitious choice for Dave. He's got a good voice, I just think that he's still finding his way." Uh oh. That didn't bode too well.

Then there was Simone who decided to sing "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight & the Pips, which I also feel like is a very ambitious song choice since the song is such a classic. Simone explained why she made that choice saying, "This song is definitely representative of me because it's a song about love." She revealed that her son Isiah was born when she was a freshman in high school and said this about becoming a mom: "My whole world changed. Everything musically went on the back burner. When my boyfriend came into my life, he helped me focus on music again."

Adam had nothing but praise for Simone during the rehearsal. He said, "Simone's voice is very vibrant and then on top of that, she's just like very comfortable with having fun, smiling, and emoting. She's got it all. She's an entertainer." The coach also remarked, "Dave and Simon are very different. I'm going to have to go with who I am feeling the most."

To be honest, when David was singing, all I heard was Adam's voice talking about how it was an ambitious song choice and I think he might have been right. On the other hand, Simone managed the feat of slaying an absolute classic. In my eyes, it seemed pretty obvious that Adam was going to bring Simone with him to the next round and the other coaches seemed to feel the same way.

After the performances, Blake Shelton said, "I feel like that was another great performance [from Dave], but I feel like Simone really seized the opportunity. It's like she's not going to take 'no' for an answer." Alicia Keys said, "Simone, I really thought your performance was beautiful. You were obviously swept up into it." Miley Cyrus told Dave, "What I really liked is that you showed all your tricks without it seeming overly performing." She said to Simone, "The fighter that you've been your whole life shines through."

Adam made the pretty obvious decision by declaring Simone the winner of this knockout round. She definitely deserved that win. It would have been utter blasphemy if she ended up losing, at least in my opinion.

Images: Trae Patton/NBC