23 Of The Best 'Rejected Trump TV Shows' Tweets

From the depths of this presidential election comes a shining ray of hope in the form of clever tweets. The polls keep showing Hillary Clinton with a lead of about five points, but even that can't keep the unending allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump from bringing you down just a little (or a lot). Trump has denied everything (as I'm sure you remember by the way he insulted the women). So to beat back those blues, take a look at these 23 "Rejected Trump TV Shows" tweets. They'll make you laugh, cry, and then run to early voting.

Now these, of course, can't be compared with The Apprentice, the reality show that made Trump a household name. That wasn't rejected; it was just put on hiatus. Trump's connection to it, though, was severed. When he announced his candidacy by insulting Mexican immigrants, NBC decided they better end their contract. Now it will reboot in January with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the helm. Trump — assuming that he's not in the White House — will have to get his own show up and running. These will probably not be in the running, but if he's in charge of the future Trump TV, who the heck knows?

1. Forget Obama's Progress

Maybe you could convince me if Ashton Kutcher stars.

2. Or Maybe It Would Be More Like Trump's

The American people, two weeks in, stand together and sing the chorus loudly: "Would you stand up and walk out on me?"

3. If Americans Get Tired Of Him, He Can Always Go

But who would lead?

4. The Backup Goal For The Budget Deficit

Walter White's business practices could be Trump and the country's newest aspiration.

5. Or He Could Come Down & Play

Maybe we could get Bob Barker out of retirement for a spay and neuter pitch — just for one of the contestants this time.

6. Or He Could Build His Way To Greatness

Everyone he did business with has been extremely happy (not).

7. The Bankruptcy Law Is Not Just Trump's Bestie

Speaking of Scott Baio...

8. He'd Probably Brush Off The Access Hollywood Video

But seriously, guys, Trump is a family man.

9. His Wives Would Totally Agree

I'm sure it was always Sunday School.

10. Wait, Maybe It Wasn't

At least they had finished school, though.

11. And He Was Surely A Great Husband

At least so far.

12. I Guess That's How They All Became The...

Pause for a moment and soak in the theme song you're thinking of. Because "that this group must somehow form a family," that's how we all got suckered into buying Trump champagne and Ivanka dresses.

13. Because This Other Show Is A Closer Comparison

Or is that too nice?

14. This Is Could Be Another Title Option

Which is funny because on Mad Men, Don's real name was Dick...

15. Shows That Trump Can Headline Himself

No need to make it a family affair.

16. Just Like Democracy & Election Results Are Overrated, Too

But maybe that's too harsh.

17. He Could Make A Go At This One

But unlike the original, he couldn't go anywhere south of the border.

18. OK, Maybe It's True That He Didn't Mean It

After all, saying racist things doesn't mean that he did racist things.

19. Consider His Access Hollywood Response

And how that allegedly has turned out not to have just been locker room talk.

20. Maybe He Just Needs A Good Runner-Up Prize

It could take the sting out of losing.

21. He Could Focus On Taking Down The TODAY Show

That would surely appeal to his sense of revenge since NBC severed his contract.

22. If Not, Maybe We Can Take A Ride Too & Pretend This Election Didn't Happen

Because if not, we will really, really need to hope and pray about...

23. The Only Legitimate Show We Can Ask For

Can we all agree that we would tune into this one Wednesday, giving Trump his biggest ratings ever — and heck, why not give him an Emmy, too? Maybe that's more appealing than an Emmy after all. Might as well try.

Though the soft launch of what looked like Trump TV happened via Facebook Live on Monday, Oct. 24, I really wouldn't mind seeing any of these 23 rejected Trump TV shows.