Margot Robbie May Star In 'Peter Rabbit,' So She's Officially Tackling All Your Favorite Childhood Stories

Please allow Margot Robbie, an Australian actor who's been killin' the game lately, to take over all the stories of your youth. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robbie is in "final negotiations" to star in Peter Rabbit, the live-action/CG adaptation of Beatrix Potter's beloved tale. As for which bunny Robbie will lend her voice to, that part remains unclear. Anyone who remembers the story can recall its simple elements: one hungry rabbit (the titular Peter) and his quest to steal some vegetables from a curmudgeonly neighbor, Mr. McGregor. And that's about it, right? So Robbie will probably voice a gender-bent Peter or Mr. McGregor, right?

As great as that could be, nope. James Corden has already signed on to voice Peter Rabbit, while Domhnall Gleeson will be playing McGregor. Rose Byrne, Daisy Ridley, and Elizabeth Debicki are also attached to the project. Since Byrne will voice the other human character, Bea, Robbie probably has her eye on one of Peter Rabbit's sisters or maybe his mom, even though she was no fun. But even if Robbie's Peter Rabbit role is reduced to that of a non-vegetable stealing tertiary character, she's still one step closer to completely monopolizing all of your favorite childhood stories. Just as the movie gods and higher-ups in Hollywood intended.

Earlier this year, Robbie played Jane in David Yates' adaptation of another classic story, Tarzan. Shortly after that, she took on the role of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. Next on her to-do-list is a role in an upcoming Winnie the Pooh project. Not to be confused with Disney's live-action Pooh version, Gleeson and Robbie will star alongside each other in the biopic, Goodbye Christopher Robin. Gleeson will play the author behind Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne, and Robbie will play his wife, Daphne. Goodbye Christopher Robin will detail how Milne's stories were inspired by his son and how they "brought hope and comfort to England after the First World War," according to Deadline. No word on the characters in the Hundred Acre Wood and their appearances, but let's not count out a Piglet cameo.

What's next for Robbie, you ask? Pretty much everything. There's that untitled Harley Quinn project that she and her production company are working on, the drama/thriller Terminal, and another animated film (set in her homeland of Australia) that comes out in 2018. Though, I'd like to officially start a petition for a live-action/CG hybrid of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie starring Robbie as the mouse and Channing Tatum as the cookie — with Aaron Sorkin penning the script. Get at me, Hollywood.