A Last-Minute Dr. Strange Halloween Costume You Can Pull Right From Your Closet

It is always around a week before Halloween that all my grand plans of costume preparation begin crumbling... fast. Why is it that I can never actually get it together and plan the perfect outfit in advance? Well, the one good thing that comes out of this is that I am now a pro at quick and easy topical DIY costumes using mostly pieces currently in my closet. Since Marvel costumes will probably be a big hit this season, I thought the new kid on the film block deserved some extra attention, so here is an easy way to make a Dr. Strange Halloween costume to impress all your equally unprepared friends — even if you are doing it last minute.

One thing I will say when it comes to DIY costumes, steer clear from your cosplay friends who have this sort of thing on lock, because do-it-yourself costumes do involve some short cuts. It is perfectly fine to go the "easy" route for a Dr. Strange costume, though, because getting all of the actual pieces would be very expensive and time consuming. By following these steps, you'll have a sick Dr. Strange costume that Benedict Cumberbatch would be very proud of. And that's all that matters, right?

Long Navy Jacket, $28, Choies; Leggings, $75, The Outnet; Navy Blue Turtle Neck, $10, Polyvore; Adult Red cape, $15, Party City; Silver hair Spray, $4, Party City

To make your Doctor Strange costume you will only need a few key pieces that will set this apart from your average fall outfit. Strange's costume is noticeably very red and blue, so you can always double as an "Election Protector" or whatever comes out of your mouth at 2:13 a.m. at your Halloween party. One of the most important parts of this costume is the navy blue draping coat/shawl, which you might even have in your closet already. If not, a long navy jacket or something similar would be a prime option, because you want those flowing layers. Doctor Strange is dramatic.

For everything underneath the coat, dark blue jeans or leggings and a simple navy blue turtleneck or long-sleeved top would create the sort of body suit. A red cape is necessary, so if you don't already have one from a post Halloween in your closet, you can pick one up at your local Party City for $15, or you can just drape any red fabric you have (a sheet? a towel?) around your neck.

One of the most fun parts of this costume is Doctor Strange's pendant, the Eye of Agamotto. If you don't have one of those lying around, any kind of intricate gold pendant would work, the bigger the better. I suggest going to your local thrift shop and sifting through the boxes of costume jewelry where you are bound to find something perfect for your night out. The final touches would be heavy belts or a sash or scarf to tie around your coat, like the two above, and a pair of dark brown boots, preferably with lots of buckles.

If you want to take an extra step, you can always add Strange's gray hair streaks to your hairstyle with some spray hair dye and learn the art of levitation in a few days.

Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (2); Polyvore; Choies; WearAll; The Outnet; Luxury Divas (2); Amazon; Overstock