Easy DIY Marvel Halloween Costume Ideas, Including Loki, Black Widow, & More

My favorite holiday, Halloween, always comes with it's stressors for me. I always have this dream that I'll start preparing my elaborate costume like 10 months beforehand so I can blow everyone away. I am talking full Comic-Con, cosplay style. Naturally, this never happens, so I'm left putting together some threads at the last minute. I know I'm not the only one who ends up struggling to find a quick, DIY option that is also topical for the season, so for my fellow procrastinators, here are five easy Marvel Halloween costume ideas you can throw together and still kill it.

I know that Marvel superhero costumes are really popular almost every Halloween, but the trick to stand out is to strip your costume down, find another interpretation, and have a very tiny budget. Believe me, out of necessity comes great costume inventions. The other good thing about these easy Marvel ideas is that you will not get lost in a sea of store-bought costumes.

This is the time to show off your glorious ingenuity, crafting skills, and inner comic book nerd. It's a win-win all around, so here is how you can be Loki, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Captain America — even if you're slightly lazy and on a budget.

1. Loki

Gold Button Keyhole Top, $13, Wear All; Green Cape, $13, Amazon; Studded Shoulder Green Jacket, $78, Pink Queen; Gold Choker Necklace, $10, Rent The Runway

Loki has a pretty extravagant costume, but you can make it your own with just a dash of his luxurious accessories. You'll need leather look leggings, gold button top, and black boots. Top the look off with either a green cape or a cool studded shoulder green jacket. Wherever possible, add more gord, like this choker necklace and these gold cuffs.

2. Scarlet Witch

Red Leather Jacket, $49, Yoox; Black Comabat Boots, $16, Charlotte Russe; Fingerless Gloves, $2, Pink Queen; Pendant Tassel Necklace, $7, Torrid; Sterling Silver Stacking Ring Set, $10, Accesorize

Fashion wise, Scarlet Witch has more in common with Daria or Jane, so this look should be easy to pull together for '90s babies out there. Most important is a simple black buttoned dress, red leather jacket, knee high socks, and black boots. Finish the look off with fingerless gloves to control your powers all night, and some chain necklacesa nd silver rings.

3. Iron Man

Cut-Out Red Top, $7, Pink Queen; Gold Leggings, $17, Soho Girl; Red Shorts, $25, Etsy; Red Gloves, $29, Over Stock; NYX Gold Eyeshadow, $3, Lulus, Gold Nail Polish, $3, Dolls Kill

Since Tony Stark had no budget to create his Iron Man costume, you will have to take a few more shortcuts, but you'll still look killer. Create the look of Iron Man's armor with gold leggings, cut-out red top, and red shorts. Use either black or red boots, red gloves, and most important, a large, gold pendant to double as your life force. If you don't have a mask at your disposal, create a look with gold eye shadow, and be sure to wear gold nail polish.

4. Black Widow

Black Combat Boots, $31, Hot Topic; Fingerless Biker Gloves, $13, Lolli Couture; Black Belt, $23, BCBG; MAC Red Eyeshadow, $16, Belk

For anyone who lives in black clothes, Black Widow's go-to outfit should be a piece of cake. All you need are black jeans or leather look leggings, and a black long-sleeved top or black moto jacket. Complete her badass look with black combat boots, fingerless biker gloves, and various black belts If you don't have red hair or a wig, add some red eye make-up and cat-eye to look a little extra vicious.

5. Captain America

American Flag Tank Top, $11, Rose Gal; Brown Combat Boots, $19, Charlotte Russe; American Flag Earrings, $14, Target

With Election Day coming up, this costume is doubly appropriate because you'll be extra patriotic. And with this costume you can show off both sides of Captain America, a little Steve Rogers and a little superhero. Begin the look with blue denim/leggings and the most obnoxious American flag shirt you can find. To add the soldier element of Captain America, use brown boots, a brown bomber jacket, and a buckled belt. Add red, white, and blue everywhere else you can, like with these American flag earrings.

With just a few pieces from your closet and extra bling, you can rock these super easy Marvel costumes in no time!

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