Fans Are Freaking Out Over Taylor Swift's Choker

by Kali Borovic

Fashion is a powerful thing, especially when you're a star. But instead of creating the trends, this singer is getting in on one in a huge way. Taylor Swift wore a choker for her only on-stage performance of the year, and her fans are freaking out. Why is this such a big deal, you ask? One Twitter user is drawing parallels between the singer's fashion and her possible new music, according to Teen Vogue.

It's no secret that Swift likes to change up her style a lot. People have even said that she wears different clothing depending on which boyfriend she has, and while I'm not here for acting like women dress for the men in their lives, it's true the singer mixes up her look from time to time. So when the singer took the stage in Austin, Texas for what happens to be her only concert of 2016, people definitely noticed what she was wearing. Swift performed in a sparkly two piece, which Teen Vogue points out is pretty similar to the items she wore on her 1989 Tour. There was one big change though — Swift was wearing a choker.

According to Teen Vogue, this is the first time she's worn one on stage. One Twitter user seems to think that means that new music is coming. "She usually changes her fashion every time she releases her music, and she’s never worn [a choker] before," @swiftsjai said, according to Yahoo Style. "Every album means a new Taylor Swift ‘era,’ and the 1989 era has just finished and a new one is hopefully about to start!”

It is worth noting that this isn't the first time that Swift has worn a choker in public though. She wore a stunning jeweled design to the 2016 Grammy Awards, as well as an edgy one at the BMI Pop Awards. It would make sense that it signifies new music though, considering Teen Vogue also reported that Gigi Hadid told fans that Swift was back in the studio during Fashion Week.

Either way fans are freaking out over both the choker and the new music situation. Here's what people had to say about fashion code.

Brb going to buy a Swift-inspired choker.

Big news, people.

If Swift can do it, so can you.

Sneaky, sneaky.

A fashion inspiration for all.

Whether she's coming out with new music or not, you can't deny that she looked great on stage.