Social Media Wedding Concierge Will Live Tweet Your Wedding...For $3,000

Would you pay someone to live-tweet your wedding for you? I probably wouldn’t, but maybe that’s just me. The point is that you could, thanks to a new and slightly horrifying creation by the W Hotel known as a “Social Media Wedding Concierge.”

Should you choose to have your wedding at one of NYC’s W Hotels between now and the end of 2014, the hotel will make a staff member available to you for the purposes of all things social media — for a price, of course. $3,000 smackeroos, to be exact. According to a pitch email sent to the Huffington Post, services include the following:

  • Live tweeting of the ceremony and reception
  • Instagram photos and videos and Vine videos
  • Curating a unique wedding #hashtag
  • Encouraging guests to utilize hashtag and handles as they post to social media
  • Set up and maintenance of Wedding Blog before and after the big day
  • Curating registry wish list and dream honeymoon Pinterest boards to inspire couple
  • Wedding social media recap for the couple — a Shutterfly book complete with social media highlights from the planning process and a collage of the best tweets and Instagrams sent during the wedding.

To be fair, that’s a lot more than just live-tweeting the ceremony itself — but I’m not totally sure you need to pay someone $3,000 to do it. Weddings are already expensive enough as it is. Most people’s friends and families are probably going to be all over the social media angle during the big event all on their own (because let’s face it: That’s what happens when you live in a world in which Ellen has the power to make the Internet explode with a single selfie). And as far as the curation of a registry wish list and dream honeymoon Pinterest board goes… well, isn’t it more fun for the couple to do that themselves? I mean, no one knows what you want for your honeymoon better than you do, so why would you bother to have someone else put together your inspiration board for you?

I suppose a “Social Media Wedding Concierge” could be seen as the next generation of the wedding photographer or videographer, but I don’t know. I’m not convinced by the argument, mostly because one of them is intended to help preserve memories for the future, while the other is geared towards making as many people as possible know that you’re saying “I do” right this very minute. Does anyone ever actually go back and re-read tweets they’ve favorited? I know I don’t. I’d rather have a bunch of amazing pictures on my hard drive that flash up as my screensaver if I leave my computer alone for 20 minutes (raise your hand if you’re guilty of letting your screensaver turn on just so you can watch a slideshow of your favorite photos!).

There’s a market for everything these days, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m still hoping it doesn’t catch on as a thing, though. Remember that whole not being a slave to technology thing we talked about yesterday? Same deal, minus the sex in this case. If wedding bells are ringing, don’t pay someone $3,000 to record them for you. Just bask in their dulcet tones yourself.