New Handbag Has A Secret Water Bottle Pouch Inside

Long gone are the days when you couldn't combine fashion and nutrition. A Kickstarter for a purse called The Conway makes it impossible for you not to properly hydrate throughout the day. Its unique design brings together a handbag that is also a water bottle — the one item you shouldn't leave the house without.

There has been a health trend in the last decade that encourages people to drink more water. Because of the undeniable benefits, of H2O, it should be much higher on people's priority lists. Seriously — water can regulate your bowel movements, makes it easier for your blood to filter out toxins, and helps clear skin, among many other things. Proper hydration can only be beneficial to you and your body.

Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to keep yourself motivated about something that doesn't have any real taste, and is hard to schlep around. No one gets excited about the prospect of water. Maybe The Conway will be that perfect thing you need to get yourself on the right track — the solution to improper hydration. By being both fashionable and convenient, this purse will make it impossible for you not to carry water around everywhere. It even comes in two styles: Classic Black and Weekender.

The water container fits snugly within the purse, granting you space for important everyday items as well as a non-bulky water bottle. If you are a jogger or someone on the go, it's always a plus to have your hands free. If you pledge $95 or more to the company's Kickstarter, you can be one of the first people to own this bag.

The promotional video demonstrates just how convenient and useful The Conway could be. The key is, of course, the Platypus SoftBottle and Drink Tube Kit, which holds 17 ounces. of liquid.

The tubing runs up the purse handle and conveniently dispenses water or any other type of liquid (wink?) directly into your mouth. Pop it back into the purse strap and no one will even suspect that your purse is anything but fashionable!

What I like about it is that this purse will match any outfit, making it both functional and fashionable. I also really like the idea of reusing the water pouch instead of buying and creating plastic waste. This is a great alternative to bulky metal water bottles that usually take up all of the space in your bag. (Personally, I would use this purse to sneak wine into the movies; do with that confession what you will.)

The Conway is easily refillable, making any fountain, faucet or restaurant your personal water station. Just connect the tubing to a water source and reuse the water container over and over again.

The next step should be a purse that can keep leftovers warm! Come at me, science. I'm ready.

Images: The Conway