11 Major Plot Holes In 'Halloweentown' That No Spell Could Make Sense Of

In October 2016, to much fanfare, the iconic Disney Channel movie Halloweentown turned 18. And 18 years after being introduced to my favorite place in the universe, there are still so many things about Halloweentown and the film I don't understand. See, at the time of the movie's release, my 7-year-old self wasn't concerned with major plot holes from the story. I was much more concerned with werewolf hair, ghost sweat, vampire fangs, and, of course, kicking some major Kalabar butt. Looking back on the film all these years later is equally as entertaining, but shows the movie creators had so much imagination with the film that contradicting or missing plot points just didn't need to be resolved.

When you really think about it, the premise of the movie really has no validation. Later, I'll explain why. Following Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) on her journey to discover her heritage and join forces with her grandma Aggie (Debbie Reynolds) to ultimately overcome Kalabar (Robin Thomas) was so riveting. So riveting, in fact, I never even stopped to wonder why it was all happening in the first place. Today is the day I start to wonder, and I still need some answers to the Halloweentown plot holes below.

1. Gwen Thought She Could Keep Her Kids' Powers A Secret Forever

In the opening scene, she takes a floating cookie from Sophie (Emily Roeske) before Sophie has the chance to see it. Later, audiences learn Gwen also hid Marnie's powers from her while she was growing up. How long did Gwen realistically think none of her three kids would eventually discover their gifts? Especially when they were that obvious? It seems suspect that there were no larger accidents.

2. The Family Never Found It Weird That Their Grandmother Was A Vagabond

When Aggie visits the family on Halloween, the kids make a remark that they haven't seen her in forever. So they never wanted to visit their grandma or wondered where she lived? Questionable. At all? Ever?

3. Gwen Has Basically No Reason To Be So Against Halloweentown

Gwen makes her kids avoid Halloween, and their witch gifts, like the plague. But audiences never quite learn why. It's known she's a widow and her husband, who she met in the mortal world at a Halloween party, was human. However, his death has no correlation with Halloweentown as far as I can tell. So what's the problem here, lady?

4. Dylan Shows Signs Of Being A Witch After Sophie, Despite Being Older Than Her

Clearly for dramatic effect, Dylan doesn't realize he's a warlock until the very last scene once Kalabar is defeated. However, his younger, 7-year-old sister Sophie shows signs of being a witch before he does. How does that work exactly?

5. No One In Mortal World Notices The H-Town Bus That Flies Into The Air

The city of Halloweentown prides itself on remaining secret and living in peace apart from the mortals. But with buses flying back and forth — into the sky, mind you — how does no one notice after all these years? I think I'd keep a secret in a less flashy way than that.

6. The Bus Schedule Is Super Unclear

Early in the film, grandma makes comment that, if she misses the bus, she'll have to wait a long time to get another one. Thus, I assumed it only made trips on Halloween. So how does Gwen get to Halloweentown once the bus leaves, and she realizes her kids are there? Plus, she threatens to bring kids home back home... on the bus. Clearly, you don't have to wait all that long.

7. Was Aggie Just Not Going To Tell Gwen That Her Kids Were In Halloweentown?

Between keeping their own powers a secret from their kids and this, the Cromwell women sure think they can get away with a lot.

8. So, How Do Mortals Not Know About Halloweentown?

Aggie explains to her grandkids that mortals copied Halloweentown to make Halloween. Since humans feared citizens of H-Town, they created their own world where they could live in peace. But between Halloween and, as previously mentioned, these non-discrete buses, humans don't have any inkling about the town's existence? OK...

9. Kalabar's Plan Is Ridiculous

Kalabar wants to rule all of Halloweentown and the mortal world, but he does so by hypnotizing Halloweentown residents one by one, "two by two and three by three." But why the slow process? Wouldn't it be easier to freeze everyone in time to become his slaves at once? Dramatic effect can't explain this silly plan.

10. Kalabar's Sidekick Luke Changes His Tune For No Reason

At the end of the film, Luke apologizes to Marnie for her mom and grandma being frozen by Kalabar. He then warns Marnie as if he's on her side and calls his help in Kalabar's plan a "mistake." He never explains why, though. What changed his mind? Why was it a mistake? How did he not realize it until now?

11. Why Does Kalabar Want To Rule Mortal World And Halloweentown Now?

It's clear Kalabar wants revenge on Gwen for choosing another man over him. But why now? After all this time? It's not like Gwen's husband just died, or it's a day that would've been a special anniversary. What's your damage, Kalabar?

I hope witches are brewing a concoction that will provide answers to this madness ASAP.

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