A Last-Minute DIY David S. Pumpkins Costume Is All You Need To Launch Your Own Haunted Elevator

On Saturday evening, beloved actor and beloved human Tom Hanks appeared on Saturday Night Live in a jack-o’-lantern suit and introduced the world to a man named David S. Pumpkins, and by Sunday morning, the character was A Thing People Love. A Thing People Love And Want To Be For Halloween, that is: a few days after “Haunted Elevator” happened, the internet apparently sold every last OppoSuits Pumpking suit it had to offer for cheapskates. Yes, we have a bona fide David S. Pumpkins costume shortage on our hands. If you are dead set on dressing up as David S. Pumpkins this All Hallow’s Eve, but you were not one of the lucky ducks to score one online before they disappeared or don't have the $100 to shell out for the OppoSuits original, there is another option: make a David S. Pumpkins Halloween costume of your very own.

Are you down to cobble a one-of-a-kind David S. Pumpkins ensemble before next Monday? Go ahead and fetch your thimble, your needles, your threads, your safety goggles, your glue gun, your tape measure, your iron, your spooky elevator theme park ride, your skeleton backup dancers, your sweet dance moves, and whatever else you might need for an arts and crafts session. Because we are about to DIY a David S. Pumpkins ‘stume. Any questions?

Get Lots Of Jack O’ Lantern Fabric

If you, ya know, are capable of making a suit and a tie from scratch, use this fabric to do just that. Now, if you aren’t ready to go all Project Runway but you are a patient person, here’s what you can do: cut the pumpkins out of the fabric and stitch (or glue) them to a black suit.

Black Halloween Fabric With Carved Orange Pumpkins, $23, Zazzle

If it doesn’t look perfect, that’s OK. Don’t let anyone dull your David S. Pumpkins sparkle. If fellow Halloweeners can’t appreciate your dedication to David S. Pumpkins, that’s their loss.

Acquire A Black Pantsuit

You know that old pantsuit hanging in your closet? The one you haven't worn in probably five years? Now is its time to shine. If you don't have a pantsuit handy, check thrift stores. And if your thrift stores don't have any pantsuits on deck, you can always order one online.

Fitted Jacket, $30, H&M

Suit Pants, $35, H&M

Women's Plus Size Twill Blazer, $40, Target

Women’s Plus Size Bootcut Twill Pant, $30, Target

Find A Pumpkin Necktie

Gotta look sharp. Any questions?

Vintage Tie, $20, Etsy

Don't Want To Wear A Suit? Buy A Plain Black T-Shirt

Women’s Crew Neck Tee, $12, Target

And Get Some Orange Iron-On Letters

Iron “I’m David S. Pumpkins” onto the front of a black T-shirt, and put “Any questions?” on the back.

Transfermations™ Iron-On Flocked Athletic Letters, $6, Michaels

Wear The T-Shirt With A Pair Of Pumpkin PJ Pants

You're David S. Pumpkins: Pajama Edition.

Joe Boxer Men’s Halloween Pajama Pants, $15, Kmart

Whether You Go With A Pantsuit Or PJs, A Wig Is A Must

Get your mitts on a short black curly wig. Give it a trim so it resembles Mr. Pumpkins’ coiffure.

Girls’ Night Out Curly Black Wig Set, $15, Party City

White Hair Dye

And for the finishing touch, be sure to add a streak of white to the front of the wig.

White Hair Spray, $7, Amazon

Throw on one of these costumes, and you'll look ready to haunt 73 floors of frights.

Editor's Note: This article has been updated from its original version.

Images: NBC; giphy