'Bachelor' Couple Ben & Lauren Start Planning Their Wedding, But Does Ben Have Cold Feet?

Take my word for it — planning a wedding is no easy task. There is catering and music and cutting down the guest list, and all of those little details increase tenfold when you make the decision to get married on television. That’s what Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After are quickly realizing. They’ve opted into getting married in front of a national audience, which means the intricate planning must begin. Is Ben getting cold feet on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After ?

I wouldn’t blame him for feeling a little overwhelmed. A normal wedding is a lot to take on, but one with a big budget and a camera crew has to feel more oppressive. Ben looked downright sweaty when he and Lauren got on the phone with Megan, their planner, and she started racking up all of the decisions that need to be made for their nuptials: cake, tuxedos, bowties, dresses, color scheme, music, invitations, etc. Ben asked, “Can’t [our wedding party] just wear what they want?” and I think Megan had a heart attack on the other end of the line. Sweet, sweet, simple Ben — you’re getting married in front of 10 million people. No, you cannot let your friends wear whatever they want to your wedding.


Right now, it seems like Ben wants very to do with wedding planning, and that stinks. All of the planning shouldn’t fall to the bride — I know that’s the stereotypical way of doing things, but it’s downright exhausting to have to plan every detail without input from your partner. I feel like Lauren will be positing questions to Ben, and Ben is just going to freeze up. Choosing a cake is supposed to be fun, Ben! You’re getting married to the woman you love, and you’re not paying for it. Buck up, Ben, because this is really still just the easy stuff.

Images: Vu Ong/Freeform; Giphy