Ben & Lauren Are Still Living Happily Ever After

by Nicole Pomarico

Toward the end of his Bachelor season, Ben Higgins may have appeared conflicted, but I've always thought it was obvious that Ben would choose Lauren Bushnell, and on Monday night, it became official. During that final rose ceremony, Ben proposed to Lauren, and it seems like they're going to live happily ever after — or at least for a few months, according to the bad Bachelor track record. But, after their appearance on After The Final Rose, I'm convinced they might actually beat the odds and make it down that aisle. Ben and Lauren are still together today, and they seem happier than ever.

Ben already stated that he and his new fianceé are still happily engaged when he filled fans in on his official relationship status earlier this month, but things change. What was true a couple of weeks ago may not be true today, but in this case, it totally is. On the after show, Ben brought Lauren out for their public debut as a real couple, and spent their time in the hot seat with Chris Harrison gushing about how in love they are with each other and Lauren's impending move to Denver. No worries in this relationship — at least, not yet!

So are Ben and Lauren going to make their relationship work long term? I definitely think so, and these moments from the season have me convinced.

When Ben Brought Lauren A Gift

He may have been on a date without her, but early in the season, he took her aside to give her a printed out photo of their first meeting. It's like they were in a relationship before they were even in a relationship!

When They Played With Kids Together

Remember that time Ben showed he's dad material when he and Lauren helped out at a Boys & Girls Club he used to volunteer at in his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana? After that date, it basically sealed it.

When He Cried Explaining His Feelings To Her Sister

Ben explaining why Lauren is so special to him when he was talking to her sister, Mollie, during hometown dates? Seriously the cutest thing ever — and he never had an emotional reaction like that when talking about anybody else.

When He Told Her He Loves Her

Typically, most Bachelors refrain from dropping the L-bomb before the final rose is given out, but Ben didn't play by the rules... and Lauren was pretty thrilled about it. OK, so he said it to JoJo, too, but that's in the past now.

I can see it now: A gorgeous, televised wedding (with Chris Harrison officiating, of course) is in our future. At least, I hope so!

Images: Matt Dunn, Rick Rowell/ABC