Caitlin's Hair Is Going White On 'The Flash' & Her Killer Frost Powers Are Getting Harder To Hide

Finding grey hairs is never fun, but Caitlin Snow on The Flash is going through something a bit more extreme. It's still unclear whether her metahuman powers are just latent, or a result of Barry's Flashpoint alternate universe. However, now Caitlin's hair is going Killer Frost on The Flash and after using her powers to save Barry, her secret is about to be revealed.

It doesn't help that Caitlin is in denial about her powers. One week ago, she refused to admit she had them when Harrison Wells asked for metahumans to help Barry. She sneaks off to hidden corners to get frosty. As soon as the white streak appeared in her hair, she chopped it off with scissors. I understand why she might be hesitant to "out" herself, so to speak. She's seen how evil her metahuman doppleganger was. It might seem like giving in to the power could lead to giving in to darkness. Not everyone in Star City is as sweet as Cisco and as noble as Barry. For Caitlin, this is about more than making like Elsa and letting it go.

What Caitlin doesn't know is that Cisco and Harry know someone with the ability to make things chilly got Barry out of that mirror. He's going to figure out what happened. Caitlin is about to join the meta club on The Flash whether she likes it or not.

Image: Dean Buscher/The CW