Ciara Fans Defend Her After Her Pregnancy Announcement, Because Of Course There Is Ridiculous & Unnecessary Drama

Ciara, who famously remained celibate in her relationship with Russell Wilson until the two tied the knot in July 2016, is now pregnant with Wilson's baby and the couple is overjoyed. They announced the pregnancy in an adorable Instagram post on Tuesday night, and all seemed happy AF. That is, until you went on Twitter and saw that people were defending Ciara against inexplicable slut-shaming — something that should be admonished no matter what, but especially because it makes absolutely zero sense. (To be clear, this should never be tolerated, but for a married woman who shared with the world that she was not engaging in pre-marital sex and clearly announced her pregnancy well after she was married — on what actual planet is she considered a "slut"?) Fortunately, the good Twitter users of the world united and immediately started calling out the haters for their responses to Ciara's pregnancy.

"Ciara" was the top trend on Twitter Wednesday morning, and it's refreshing to see that the majority of tweets are in defense of the "1, 2 Step" singer — not that she needs defending, or that they should even have to defend her in the first place, TBH. While it's a pretty unclear as to why anyone would even think to slut-shame Ciara after her pregnancy announcement, it looks like the backlash may have something to do with Ciara's ex, Future, with whom she shares a son, apparently because she moved on too quickly...?

And it looks like some Twitter users are just as confused as I am, questioning the entire thing in the first place and wondering if people are just coming to her defense to, well, come to her defense, because the mean tweets about her are so few as compared to those defending her:

No matter what, it's refreshing to see Twitter come together for something good — the complete opposite of cyberbullying — and to recognize when things need to just be shut down.

So congratulations, Ciara, on your baby, but also on your fan base.