Where Women's Anger Really Goes, Explained In This Painfully True AF Sketch — VIDEO

Bottled up for centuries upon centuries, the righteous rage of women can be a pretty powerful thing — for a prime example just watch any of the 2016 presidential debates. A new comedic short attempts to explain where "women's anger" really goes when it's constantly repressed. The hilarious (and all too true) video, written by Laura Hankin and produced by the feminist sketch comedy group Hurdy Blurdy, has quite a lot to say on the subject, and it couldn't come at a more appropriate time.

America has spent the past months watching as Donald Trump as he blusters, yells, and interrupts, while Hillary continuously maintains her cool in the face of his insults and lies (*cough* double standard *cough*). But just because the Democratic candidate swallows her understandable rage, doesn't mean that it disappears — so, I wonder, where does it go? According to the video "Introducing Female Anger," this emotion is kept in a dark, dingy basement where "all the doors are triple locked and the window is barred." Anger is not allowed outside because it might "scare people." There is a long tradition of women expressing their anger indirectly, bottling up unpleasant emotions. But all this frustration suppression can have serious effects on health and well being. In fact, repressing anger over time can lead to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, and even... early death. It's time to express these emotions — for your health!

So what does female anger do while waiting to be set free?

Pillow Screams

After a busy day of practicing apologizing and laughing, it's time for Female Anger to release some of that pent-up frustration! Though she is trapped in a basement, she still must be careful to muffle those anguished screams with a handy pillow (also great for absorbing any errant tears!). Wouldn't want to risk making anyone uncomfortable with all those female emotions.

Looking Out The Window (At All The Inequality)

Female Anger is allowed one small window, through which she can observe passerby's as they walk home from work. She loves watching "Men in their sensible business shoes, and women in their heels after a long day of making 78 cents on the dollar — giving themselves irreversible foot damage." So fun!

Fantasizing About Escape

Female Anger spends much of her time plotting her escape. Made strong "by centuries of oppression and rape culture" she dreams of one day breaking her chains and sliding through the bars of her cage (made easy as she has "been on a diet forever"). There is no telling what might happen once she is finally free.

To experience the full extent of Female Anger, check out the full video here:

Feminarchy on YouTube

Come Nov. 9, be afraid, be very afraid.

Images: HurdyBlurdy/YouTube