What Did Frank Do To Annalise On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? This Refresher Will Help You Keep Track Of The Timeline

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 is testing its audience's ability to pay attention, as the constantly shifting timelines in the episode "It's About Frank" meant that in any given scene, character relationships, character mortality, and Viola Davis' wig could be totally different. And therefore, keeping track of what's happened in previous seasons can be even tougher to remember. So, what did Frank do to Annalise on How To Get Away With Murder? And, why has the relationship between these two characters changed so dramatically? Well, as it turns out, Frank kind of... killed Annalise's baby. Let me help you refresh your memory so you can accurately process just how crazy HTGAWM's timeline can be.

Season 3's "It's About Frank" revisited the events before, after, and surrounding Annalise's miscarriage and Frank's attempt to murder his father, subconsciously connecting Frank, murder, and the loss of her baby, but you might have missed those connections if you don't remember the arc of how Frank went from good looking TA to cold-blooded killer. Back in the first season, Frank was Annalise's closest associate and the sidekick who was the go-to person for her students to ask for advice. In those days, the kids were trying to keep the murder of Mark Keating secret — that all seems so quaint!

As more about Frank's past was revealed, the show demonstrated that he was once a criminal saved by Annalise in her early lawyerin' days. The two formed a close bond, and when Annalise was pregnant, she already considered him one of her true allies. So when Frank betrayed Annalise by, essentially, setting her up for the car crash assassination attempt that led to her child's death, it was a huge shock. Especially because that was a flashback, and Annalise didn't know that Frank was, in part, behind the attack until it was revealed to her in Season 2.

When Annalise found out what Frank had done, she was, as you may remember, not happy. In fact, she was so unhappy, that she ordered an assassination on Frank that mirrored the one that he caused her to go through years prior. Right now, Frank is on the run, killing Bonnie's dad, hiding out with her in a motel, and reminiscing about how he once tried to kill his own father.

Right now, it seems like Annalise is still pretty upset about the revelation that Frank was in some way responsible for the death of her child, especially after Sam's death meant that the entire family she thought she'd built is completely destroyed. The question remains, will Annalise be able to forgive Frank and eventually call off the hit? Or, will not even a whole season peppered with emotional flashbacks be enough to repair this once-close relationship? You'll have to watch the rest of How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 to find out.

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