'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Has Resumed Filming & The Aftermath Of Kim's Robbery Could Change The Show

After a hiatus following Kim Kardashian's robbery in Paris, an E! rep has confirmed to Bustle that Keeping Up With The Kardashians has resumed filming. Production on the reality show that follows the Kardashian family's lives had been put on hold ever since armed robbery occurred on Oct. 2. Kardashian was bound, gagged, and threatened at gunpoint, and the thieves stole over $10 million worth of her possessions, so it makes perfect sense why the family wanted to take a break to reevaluate their security and give Kim time to heal.

The Kardashians have made it clear that they are making big changes to make sure that future security breaches don't happen again. Kim will now go everywhere with two armed and trained security guards, and her car is reportedly armored. Perhaps related to Paris police tracing the robbers' motivation to Kim's opulent social media posts, the usually very active social media user hasn't posted a single Twitter or Instagram update since her robbery. Honestly, if KUWTK never came back, I would have understood and not asked any further questions, even if a part of me would have also been sad about it.

However, with the mid-season return of KUWTK on Sunday, Kim seems to be gradually making her way back into the public eye. She even appeared at her husband Kanye West's concert on Tuesday. While it has been rumored that KUWTK was filming backstage at the concert, E! did not confirm that information. So, what will Keeping Up With The Kardashians be like post-robbery?

The show has dealt with serious issues, including security-related ones, before. However, I remember that the family handled Kylie being overly lax about her safety by pranking her with a fake stalker. While pranks are the Kardashians' go-to strategy for getting points across, I believe the robbery episodes will be more serious. Perhaps they'll come with a more sober tone, similar to the episodes about Lamar Odom's hospitalization and recovery.

I also wonder how the overall show might change as a result of the family's increased caution. Kim has reportedly decided against posting so much about her wealth and expensive possessions, but her siblings' ensuing posts suggest that they aren't so devoted to projecting asceticism. Whether the new episodes of KUWTK will try to hide their lavish lifestyle or not remains up in the air. I also wonder if the show will be more secretive about the family's favorite hangouts, and if bodyguards will become more of a presence to show the public and potential robbers how well-protected they all are.

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However the show decides to go from here, I have to respect and admire the fact that the family will be going forward with filming. After something as traumatic as this, they could have given up and given in to all the people who blamed Kim for her own robbery in part because of how open she is about her life. But they refused to be cowed, and I look forward to watching them all come together and be the close family we know and love onscreen once more.