13 Obscure ‘Saturday Night Live’ Halloween Costume Ideas Besides David S. Pumpkins

America's dad Tom Hanks hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and blessed the world with his not-so spooky, but very hilarious character David S. Pumpkins. The standout of Hanks' ninth time hosting the late night show is quickly becoming 2016's go-to Halloween costume. That OppoSuits Pumpking tuxedo Hanks wore is already sold out on Amazon, which means that, if you haven't already gotten yours, you may be out of luck unless your pockets are deep. But don't worry. If you can't be David S. Pumpkins this Halloween, there are other, rather obscure SNL characters that would make for the perfect Halloween costume.

While these characters may not be as popular as Mary Katherine Gallagher, The Blues Brothers, Wayne and Garth, or even Mr. Pumpkins, they're certainly bizarre choices that are bound to get a lot of attention wherever you spend your time this Halloween. We're talking '70s era female cops, veterans with puppets, women with tiny hands, and a whole lot of Kate McKinnon characters. But, even better, you'll likely be the only person dressed as Ms. Rafferty this year, unlike all those David S. Pumpkins out there who will be vying for attention.

1. The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started A Conversation With At A Party


Cecily Strong goes all in for this character that you truly wish you hadn't started talking to at a party, and it will makes for an awesome Halloween costume. All you'll need is a pink satin dress and a glass of white wine to become this clueless character. Don't forget to go on about the Syrian referees or Jillian Assange while you're at it.

2. Olya Povlatsky


This Russian character played by Kate McKinnon can get dark about what it's really like to live in Russia, from the cold conditions to the dating pool to the dogs that seem to rule her small village. But this woman also has a wicked sense of humor worth impersonating any Halloween. The costume is also pretty easy: an oatmeal-colored cardigan, a red handkerchief to cover your head, and a thick Russian accent.

3. Anthony Peter Coleman

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

Sure, you could go as Bill Hader's most notable character Stefon, or you could go as his less notable, but equally as funny, character Anthony Peter Coleman, who is a veteran dealing with his demons through a puppet named Tony that looks just like him. A gray wig, a camouflage army jacket, and a pair of aviators — not to mention a puppet — turns you into this guy.

4. Ms. Rafferty

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

Ryan Gosling just couldn't keep it together during a skit called "Close Encounter," which had this Kate McKinnon character re-telling her alien abduction experience. It included them watching her pee and stealing her pants. Make your friends laugh by dressing as Ms. Rafferty in a pixie wig, a pair of acid wash mom jeans, and a '80s style printed shirt.

5. The Falconer

Will Forte plays an advertising agent named Ken Mortimer, who leaves his job and wife behind to move deep into the forest, where he befriends a falcon named Donald. Get yourself a stuffed falcon, a beard, and a big brown jacket, and you got yourself a costume that isn't just for the birds.

6. Morgan

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

The star of Girlfriends Talk Show is nervous around boys, obsessed with loom art, and worried about her mom's recently-divorced friend Donna. She also makes a very good Halloween costume. Get yourself a long red dress and purple sweater, and you're good to go.

7. Laura Parsons


This newscaster of tomorrow often shows up on Weekend Update to give her take on the news for kids, which often delves into adult territory with a song and a smile that will make your teeth hurt. Her look is as sweet as she is, with her matching pink barrettes, black blazer, and her very pink shirt.

8. Lilia

Don't make her sing, but definitely think of dressing up as this glamorous 1920s character, played by Kristen Wiig, who really doesn't want you to make her sing.

9. Kat And Garth

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

Kat and Garth would often stop by Weekend Update to sing anchor Seth Meyers a song that often sounded like it was being made up on the spot. While their music may not be iconic, their look certainly was. Put on your matching red tartan vests over your blindingly white turtlenecks, and you're ready to sing your way through Halloween.

10. Drunk Uncle

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

What better costume for this Halloween than a guy who can't hold his liquor or stop himself from saying exactly what's on his mind — specifically his not-so-P.C. opinions of America? Put some talcum powder in your hair, get a pair of khaki pants, layer up those sweaters, and grab yourself a tumbler of whatever liquor you prefer. This is certainly going to be a fun night.

11. Judice Maharelle


This Kristen Wiig character won us over with her tiny hands and her weird musical insights. Stun your friends by going as this Lawrence Welk Show regular from the Finger Lakes. Find yourself some doll arms, a hoop-skirt ,and wig that turns your forehead into a five-head.

12. Roger And Virginia Klarvin

These lov-ahs spend a lot of time in the hot tub or log cabins, enjoying spiced meats while talking about their sensuous lovemaking. Do the same this Halloween by donning your favorite one-piece or wrapping yourself in a blanket and finding the perfect wig and facial hair to become this memorable couple.

13. Kaitlin


Amy Poehler was a rambunctious little 10-year-old who couldn't stop asking her stepdad Rick questions. Channel your inner child by wearing pink jeans, a pink Mickey and Minnie shirt, and a pair of kids' glasses. Retainer optional.

To quote the incomparable David S. Pumpkins, "Any questions?"

Photo: Will Heath/NBC; Giphy (6); Made For Us/Tumblr; NBC