10 Last-Minute Emoji Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Make Your Halloween LOL-Worthy

Trying to throw together a last-minute Halloween costume for a spooky party this weekend? We’ve all been there. If you're late to the costume game this year, don't fret! These super easy last-minute emoji Halloween costume ideas are topical, fun, and are sure to be a big hit at this year's monster mash. Let these emoticon-inspired costumes solve your 11th-hour dress-up quandry, without burning a hole in your wallet. Nobody will guess it only took you 10 minutes to throw these costumes together!

Come Monday, there will be hundreds of Trumps and Clintons walking the streets as well as quite a few characters from Stranger Things (no offense, everyone loves you, Barb!). Avoid these common pitfalls by repping your fave 'moji instead. These little pictographs have been around since 1999, and are essentially a universal language. With nearly 2,000 different emojis to choose from, the inspiration is endless. There is so much more to emojis than just "smiling poo" or "eggplant plus peach" (though, no judgement if those are your favorites). This Oct. 31, why not show the world that your text and costume game is on point with one of these fantastic emoji outfits?

Here are a few ideas to make your Halloween LOL-worthy:

1. Lemon And Bee

The humble Lemon and Bee emojis saw a spike in popularity this year after the Queen Bey dropped her visual album Lemonade. In April, millions of tweets used the symbol of a bee (for the beyhive) and the Lemon (for Lemonade) to express their feelings about the #flawless album. So grab a friend and get in formation, because this costume is too good to pass up.

What You'll Need For Honeybee:

What You'll Need For Lemon:

2. Dancer

Ready to salsa the night away? Essentially all you need to pull off this popular emoji is a flowing red dress and some sick dance moves (castinets optional).

What You'll Need For Dancer:

3. Women With Bunny Ears ("Ballet Emoji")

The "women with bunny ears" is one of the more mysterious emojis out there, and also one of the most recognizable. While nobody is quite sure who these two women are, it's the perfect last-minute costume for best friends on a deadline. Whether the ladies are cat ballerinas, showgirls, or Playboy bunnies is up to you.

What You'll Need For Women With Bunny Ears:

4. Two Women Holding Hands

This perfect no-stress couple's costume is beyond adorbs. Most of the items needed to pull the look off are probably in your closet already, so it's cost effective as well!

What You'll Need For Blue Woman:

What You'll Need For Red Woman:

5. Smiling Cat

Everyone has been a cat for Halloween at some point in their life. This oh so adorable emoji twist on the classic costume will have your friends purring in approval.

What You'll Need For Smiling Heart-Eyes Cat:

6. Fruit-Mojis

The pineapple and watermellon are the tastiest and healthiest emoji costumes around. Grab a friend and show everyone this Halloween can be full of vitamin C and fun!

What You'll Need For Pineapple:

What You'll Need For Watermelon:

7. Baby Angel

Just because you're dressed as a little angel doesn't mean that you can't have a devilishly good time this Halloween! Try wearing the wings on the front so that they frame your face for the full emoji effect.

What You'll Need For Baby Angel:

8. Couple Emoji

Go ahead, show your love with this romantic couple's costume!

What You'll Need For Couple Emoji:

9. Unicorn

Make your Halloween magical by channelling this fantasy creature. So adorable! So many opportunities for body glitter!

What You'll Need For Unicorn:

10. Pile of Poo Emoji

Celebrate one of the most popular emojis ever to be created with this super easy Halloween costume. Don't like bathroom humor? You can always tell people that you're chocolate softserve!

What You'll Need For Poo Emoji:

  • Brown Pointy Hat, $9, Yes Style
  • Brown Sweater, $35, Dorothy Perkins
  • Brown Pants, $35, Belk
  • Brown Gloves, $25, Nordstrom Rack
  • Poop Emoji Pillow, $20, Bloomingdales

Images: Polyvore; Emojipedia; Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko/Shutterstock