What Is National Cat Day? It May Be The Most Adorable Holiday Of All Time

If you find yourself asking "What is National Cat Day?" on Oct. 29, good news: I'm here to help. Aside from being the one day of the year officially set aside to celebrate the best animal species on the planet (no hate if you disagree, but FYI, they totally are), National Cat Day can be a bit of a mystery. When was it established? Who started it? What's the point of it? How can you celebrate it? Well, guess what: National Cat Day has its own website that outlines all of that, and it's actually full of a ton of great facts about this holiday.

National Cat Day didn't just begin because people like cats. In fact, it turns out there was an actual person who founded the day with a specific mission in mind. So, before you start talking smack on all the seemingly ridiculous "national days" this country has, make sure you remove National Cat Day from that hate debate. (Also, generally speaking, why would you want to hate on all the national days anyway? I don't know about you, but I love having days devoted to all of my favorite things... cats, cheese, ice cream, and chocolate included).

Now, snuggle an adorable cat, and settle in to get the facts on National Cat Day below (that is, assuming you have a cat, I guess).

Who Started It?


According to her personal website, Colleen Paige is the woman who founded National Cat Day. Paige is an animal behaviorist, and while she's definitely a cat lover, she is also responsible for founding National Dog Day and National Puppy Day as well. Her goal behind founding all of these wonderful holidays is to help save millions of unwanted pets through the help of publicity and adoption.

When Did It Start?


National Cat Day's official website lists Oct. 29, 2005 as being the first National Cat Day on record. That being said, 2016 will mark the day's 11-year anniversary (and as far as I hope, the 11th of many, many more).

What's The Point Of It?


As their official website puts it, the point of National Cat Day is to "explode the internet every Oct. 29." It is the founder's of this national day's wish that it be used to both celebrate cats and help them to find forever homes. One key point that National Cat Day impresses on people is to adopt cats, not to shop for them.

How Can You Celebrate It?


So glad you asked! There are dozens of ways that you can go about celebrating National Cat Day, including the ones listed here. While the top priority of the national day is to help cats get adopted, it is certainly not the only way you can help: From buying a new toy for your cat to donating your time at the local shelter, it's easy to get involved and help make a difference in the lives of felines!

Images: Federica Diliberto/Unsplash; Giphy (4)