Kim Kardashian's Hotel Concierge Reveals New Robbery Details That Paint A Different Picture Of The Event

Ever since Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in early October, everyone has assumed that the robbers were there for her jewelry, including her huge diamond ring. Well, Kim Kardashian's hotel concierge revealed new robbery details to Entertainment Tonight that are not only unexpected, but contradict just that. According to the concierge, Abdulrahman, Kardashian "didn't understand for a few seconds" what was going on, and the thieves were also there for her money, not her jewelry. He even said that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star thought they wanted her phones. Bustle has reached out to Kardashian's rep for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.

"[The robber] said, 'I don't need phones' in French, [but] he doesn't understand English, and also she didn't understand French, and the guy was asking for money, money, money," Abdulrahman said. "She believed that they were there for her ring. She showed her hand... there is no ring, and the guy is like, 'Where is the ring?' At the moment, she gave him her ring — it was on a table close to the floor — she gave her ring to the guy... and he put it in his pocket." He said one robber kept asking, "'Where is money, money, money?' For him, it was just a ring, I think... he didn't stop asking for money."

He also claims that he translated to the robbers that Kardashian "didn't have a lot of cash on her," and that's when one robber reportedly demanded more jewelry, and she allegedly gave him her jewelry box. "They weren't there for jewels at first, they were there for money," Abdulrahman claimed to ET. "He put the jewels in his [backpack] and he left the bag open, that is why he lost some jewels and the gold in the hotel."

It's been reported that the robbers stole over $10 million worth of jewelry, though no further details have been revealed about what exactly was taken. The claim made my Abdulrahman about the jewelry reportedly falling out of the backpack is also new information, though there were previous reports that a piece of Kardashian's jewelry was allegedly found outside of the hotel on the sidewalk. It's unclear if either are related.

This isn't the first time the Hôtel de Pourtalès' concierge has spoken out. In October, he claimed in an interview with the Daily Mail that there was an alleged lack of security at the hotel. "There was no real security at all," he claimed. "It’s a choice. The hotel doesn’t mind about security. We told them year and years before, you have to make a camera, you have to put [in place] a security process, about keys. Nothing was locked, there was no proper security there. Everyone knew it." At the time of the interview, Bustle reached out to the Hôtel de Pourtalès for comment regarding his remarks, but has yet to receive a response.

On Oct. 7, a statement from Abdulrahman was allegedly also obtained by French magazine Closer, and is said to reportedly read: "Dear Kim, when you feel the cold steel of a gun at your neck, it is the moment when remaining calm can mean the difference of life or death, both our lives. I hope you are feeling better."