We're Getting 'The Incredibles 2' A Lot Sooner

Good news, Pixar fans: the sequel that you’ve been waiting for is going to be released even sooner than any of us could have dreamed. Apparently, the The Incredibles 2 premiere date has been bumped up to the summer of 2018. That’s an entire year earlier than the June 2019 release date that was originally announced. So what exactly does this mean for your favorite crime-fighting family? Big things, if I were to guess. There’s no way that Pixar would move a premiere date up an entire year if this movie weren’t already amazing and ready to go.

But it’s not just moving the premiere date that's making me think that this script must be, well, incredible. On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter stated that The Incredibles 2 is now facing “an accelerated production schedule.” The only time I've ever heard of something being fast-tracked the way this sequel reportedly is, is when the script for the project is really, really, really good. That, and the demand for it is really high. That means that the follow-up to the 2004 hit The Incredibles could already be such a strong project, in both story and animation, that Pixar and Disney are just raring to get this thing into theaters. Now that's some good news I can definitely get behind.

But the news does come with some downsides. Like the fact that Pixar is fast-tracking The Incredibles 2 and swapping its release date with the release date of Toy Story 4. In other words, we’re all going to have to wait a whole other year to see this Pixar sequel. However, I’m actually kind of OK with that. Mainly because there are three other really good Toy Story movies to watch in the meantime. Whenever I get a hankering for some Buzz Lightyear, I can just pop in one of the three Blu-Rays I already have and be pretty content with my life. But when it comes to The Incredibles, there isn’t nearly as much of this family to go around.

So I’ll take this premiere date swap any day of the week. Especially if it means there will be more than one Incredibles movie sooner rather than later.

Image: Walt Disney Pictures (2)