Xo's Abortion On 'Jane The Virgin' Was A Decision Andrea Navedo Fully Supported

The women who are behind creating Jane the Virgin are fearless for that abortion storyline, which fans watched play out in Monday night's episode. What makes Xiomara's (Andrea Navedo) decision so bold and different from what fans have seen in abortion storylines in other shows, is that she makes the decision by herself for herself, and she doesn't back down. “If you’re sure, you’re sure. And she’s sure," showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman tells me. And the woman who portrays Xo on The CW hit couldn't agree more. Andrea Navedo says being a real-life mom of two helps her wholeheartedly support her character's tough decision.

"I'm on board with Xo and the choice that she's making," Navedo tells me at The Paley Center for Media’s Hollywood Tribute to Hispanic Achievements in Television. Navedo, who's been married for 19 years and is mom to son Nico Pietronuto and daughter Ava Pietronuto, is in a different place in life than Xo. Still, she feels total empathy for her. Xo makes the decision to terminate her pregnancy because she doesn't want any more kids.

"It's not an easy choice at any age as a female," says Navedo. Xo knows she wouldn't fully embrace giving birth again at her age, and Navedo understands why. "It's a big deal to be a parent and mother and to bring a child into this world," she says. "I totally wish that people would take more care in deciding to have children and bring them into this world."

Although Xo is an amazing mom to Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and grandma to Mateo, she knows she isn't fit to care for a baby of her own. And that is a selfless choice. "Every child deserves to have an amazing, wonderful life, full of support and love. And not every child gets that," Navedo says. "So I am on board with Xo for what she needs to do in her life."

Some people may think going through with an abortion is a selfish choice, but as the actress explains, it can be just the opposite.

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