'The Bachelorette's Luke Pell Is Releasing An Album & Yes, JoJo Inspired Some Songs

Good things come to those who wait. At least that is what my mother always told me. And, when it comes to former contestants of The Bachelorette, good things can still come even when you’re pulled from a primetime gig at the last minute. Like Luke Pell, who was reportedly hours away from being announced as the next Bachelor on ABC’s hit show before being pulled from the lineup and replaced by Nick Viall. Lest you spend the rest of your life angry on Pell's behalf, be comforted that the man is doing exciting things with his life, even still. Apparently, Pell is be releasing a debut album soon, which he announced on Wednesday so that all of us can start salivating with anticipation. See what I mean? Maybe it was a good thing he didn’t get that Bachelor gig after all.

This way, instead of spending the next few months trying to fall in love on a show that — let’s face it — has terrible odds for couples actually staying in love, Pell can be doing what he really loves: Writing and performing his very own songs. And you better believe that some of those songs will be inspired by his time on The Bachelorette.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Pell confessed that, JoJo Fletcher, his former Bachelorette (who is now happily engaged to Jordan Rodgers) will feature heavily in his music:

“A lot of artists write about past relationships and current ones. You write about the good and the bad and the ugly as a way to paint of picture of what happened. You’re a storyteller at the end of the day. So absolutely, there will be some of that about JoJo in my writing.”

I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot more than a little. Especially since Pell admitted that he wrote some of the songs on his album while on set filming The Bachelorette: “I played it for JoJo one day, but it never aired. I think she loved it — I hope!”

Knowing Fletcher and her penchant for words of affirmation, she probably did. Now we all can be serenaded and wooed by this country crooner.