Why Did Shelby Kill Matt On 'AHS: Roanoke'? He Revealed His Reason For Coming Back

Shelby's sole purpose for coming back to the North Carolina house that terrorized her was to make amends with her husband Matt. But any reconciliation was put to an abrupt end when Shelby killed Matt on American Horror Story: Roanoke . While the supernatural house can make the characters do a lot of crazy things, Shelby's reaction was purely human since she killed her estranged husband out of jealousy.

It was revealed in "Chapter Six" that Matt was not speaking to Shelby since she had slept with the actor from My Roanoke Nightmare who portrayed him in the reenactments — Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Dominic Banks. But I kept thinking it was slightly unfair of Matt to be so angry with his wife since Shelby had already somehow forgiven him for having sex with the witch who lived in the woods — played by Lady Gaga in the reenactments — multiple times. I understood that Matt had been entranced versus Shelby had just cheated, but it turned out that my indignation was for good reason. That's because in "Chapter Seven," Matt ended up having sex with the witch of the wood again — and this time, no magic was necessary.

While I thought that Matt might have been possessed for this late-night rendezvous, turns out that wasn't the case. After Dominic and Shelby saw him having sex with a non-Gaga witch (it was the real witch after all), Matt defended his actions by saying he loved the ancient spirit/being and that's the reason he agreed to a Season 2 of this bonkers reality show. Welp, Shelby understandably couldn't handle this information and she killed her husband right there on the spot.

Of course, coming back to the haunted Roanoke house was a terrible idea for any reason, but I don't think that Shelby had imagined her marriage ending in quite that way. Yet, "Chapter Six" promised only one person would survive and it turns out that for a pretty good reason, it won't be Matt.

Image: FX