How Much Did Kylie's Smile Lip Kit Raise For Smile Train? Jenner Made A Generous Donation — PHOTOS

It's hard to keep up with all of Kylie's Lip Kits, and I'll be honest, I can't keep any of them straight, but there was one lip kit that stood out to me — Kylie's Smile Lip Kit. Jenner donated the proceeds from her Smile Lip Kit to Smile Train, a charity organization that provides children around the world with cleft repair surgery.

On Wednesday, Jenner gave Smile Train CEO Susannah Schaefer a check for $150,000, which was the total net proceeds from her limited edition Smile Lip Kit, which went on sale and sold out in only one hour on Oct. 3 of this year. The donation will allow Smile Train to provide cleft repair surgeries for 638 children around the world.

“Through my company Kylie Cosmetics, I was able to create a beautiful pink lip kit shade called Smile specifically for Smile Train," Jenner said in a news release. "I couldn’t be happier that 100 percent of the net proceeds are going straight to Smile Train to help kids around the world get the surgery they need to help them have beautiful smiles and the opportunity to live healthy, happy lives."

Jenner also said that she intends on continuing her partnership with Smile Train and wants to use her hefty social media influence to help more children in need.

No word yet if Jenner plans on releasing her Smile Lip Kit again, but with the success of the first release, it seems inevitable.

So if you bought a Smile Lip Kit, you can proudly show off your pout knowing you helped a child in need.

Images: Smile Train (2)