Who Is Sarah Salvatore On 'Vampire Diaries'? She's In Serious Trouble

It seems like the showrunners are going to bring back a lot of former characters for the final season of The Vampire Diaries, and viewers have already seen at least one familiar face with the return of Sarah (Salvatore) Nelson. But just who is Sarah Salvatore? Vampire Diaries showed in the premiere that the show's new villain, Sybil, is ruthless and might be going after Sarah, the only human member left of the Salvatore clan. Stefan, who fans learned in Season 6 has been watching over Sarah since she was a baby, will obviously have to put on his hero hair and save her life. Things could get tricky pretty considering this new evil is supposed to be the nastiest villain seen in all eight seasons. I can't imagine anyone being worse than Kai.

It's been awhile since fans last saw Sarah Salvatore, and I had pretty much forgotten who she was before her re-appearance, so I thought viewers could use a refresher. Because the show jumped ahead three years and the last time we saw Sarah was in Season 6, I would guess that at least four years have passed in the Vampire Diaries world, and Sarah is long past her time studying at Duke. Perhaps she has become a photographer obsessed with vampires after Enzo let her go witching, compelling her to forget.

We first found out about Sarah after a mysterious girl showed up in Mystic Falls claiming that her parents were Zach Salvatore and Gail. Stefan quickly calls her out on being a liar because after Sarah’s parents died, he made sure she was adopted the Nelson family and kept a watchful eye over her throughout her life. Enzo, who was an enemy at the time, gets wind of this and follows Stefan to Duke, where we meet the real Sarah Salvatore for the first time. Let’s not forget, there was a time when Enzo really hated Stefan because he turned him over to a vampire hunter and he pretty much wanted revenge by destroying Stefan’s whole life. This included Sarah. So he forces Matt to get to know her and see if she’s a good person.

Eventually, Enzo reveals he's a vampire, and Sarah literally could not care less. That’s when Caroline realizes that Stefan must have compelled her early on not to care about vampires. Unfortunately, Sarah happens to pop up right after Liz Forbes passes away and Caroline flips that humanity switch of hers. Caroline captures Sarah and compells Liam to cut out her heart unless Stefan flips his humanity switch too. So much drama.

After all that, Enzo decides he’s bored of getting revenge and reveals to Sarah that her real last name is Salvatore. She decides not to meet Stefan and Damon and convinces Enzo to let her go without wiping her memory. So after all that, fans just never saw her again... until now. Enzo presumably never told Damon she existed and she was safe. Now Sarah’s going to get all wrapped up into the world of vampires again.

So much for leading a normal life. Good luck, Sarah. I hope you make it out alive.

Images: Erika Doss/The CW; Giphy (3)