14 Unique Gifts For Badass Women

In the past, I was told time and time again that I have an attitude problem (oops!). Nowadays, I just chalk it up to people not understanding my blunt and sarcastic nature, but honestly, I don’t care that much anymore. So in the spirit of being my true authentic self, I went searching for items with attitude for people who don’t take crap from anyone. Whether this applies to your sister, your best friend, your mom, or even a coworker, these are gifts for the women in your life who refuse to bend under pressure.

I personally love a good shirt that conveys some sort of clear message because they can be really funny, great conversation starters, especially when you encounter somebody else who shares your badass views. I also believe that if you’re great at what you do, you should be proud of it — and that definitely means showing off your #GIRLBOSS attitude. A #GIRLBOSS, for those who may not know, is someone who sees what they want in life, works their ass off to get it, and ignores anyone who want throw shade their way. Think: Amber Rose, Beyoncé, and Tina Fey.

So, the next time you’re trying to give off that “I don’t care” vibe (because hey, you don't!), why not use an awesome set of snarky pencils, a "SLAY" hat, or a yoga mat that shows off your new mantra to do it? There are so many items with attitude out there that can prove to everyone that you don’t take crap from anyone in a sarcastic, playful way. People will definitely start to see your inner boss lady.

1. The Chicest Fitness Kit Ever

Pinch Provisions Fitness Kit , $22, Nordstrom

Need an adorable excuse to work out? Try this tiny case filled with 15 exercise essentials, including earbuds, a hair band, deodorant, blister balm, and more, all wrapped up in a case so tiny, it can live in your purse when not in use. And when you take it out, it's there to remind everyone at the gym that you don't sweat, you sparkle.

2. This Hat That Shows Just How Much You Slay

SLAY Embroidered Adjustable Hat, $20, Amazon

Make Beyoncé proud by showing the world that you're a boss lady who slays all day, no matter what you're doing.

3. The Perfect Mug For Any Boss Lady's Desk

Mint Boss Lady Coffee Mug, $18, Amazon

Sip coffee out of this beautiful blue "Boss Lady" mug. And leave it on your desk when you're done so everyone is reminded of how much of a boss lady you are, even when you're not in the office.

4. Who's A Bigger #GirlBoss Than Khaleesi?

Wildfox Daenerys' Life Treehouse Tee , $68, Amazon

Talk about someone who won't take crap from anyone! This cute pink v-neck features a list of Daenerys Targaryen's daily "tasks," including feeding the dragons, taking her rightful place on the throne, bleaching her hair, and drinking a good ol' cup of wine — perfect for Game Of Thrones lovers and fans of comfy clothes alike. Plus, is there someone you can think of who is a bigger boss lady than Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons? She's literally in charge of dragons, y'all.

5. Because All Boss Ladies Shake Things Up

Shake Things Up iPhone Case by Kate Spade, $50, Nordstrom

If you're someone who likes to "shake things up," odds are you really don't care about the status quo. You take a walk on the wild side when you want and speak your mind when you have something to say, so why not show your attitude off with this daringly glittery phone case?

6. For The Yogi Who Does What She Wants

Namastay In Bed Tank Top, $28, Amazon

For the yoga lover who has it all (but still wants more), this comfy tank reads, "Namast'ay in bed." Hey, who says you can't be a yogi and still have a bit of a snarky side?

7. Keep Track Of All The Time You Spend Slaying I Am Very Busy Large Agenda, $27, Amazon

Let everyone know that you're so busy because you're making moves up the ladder and killing the game with this pretty blue agenda that reads "I AM VERY BUSY" right on the cover.

8. A Travel Mug That Tells It How It Is

Society6 I Can't Even Gold Ink Travel Mug, $24, Amazon

For those days when you literally can't even deal with the people around you, just pick up this mug and tell them to read it. I think they'll get the message.

9. A Doormat That Says What You Really Want To Say

Kemp Go Away Doormat , $15, Amazon

Is there anything more welcoming than a welcome mat that says "Go Away?" I think not.

10. A Yoga Mat That Shows Off Your New Mantra Work It Out Exercise Mat, $32, Amazon

"Think It, Want It, Get It," this inspirational exercise mat reads. After all, being a true badass means deciding what you want, not listening to anyone who tells you that you're not good enough, and reaching your goals no matter what.

11. For The Sparkly Girl Who Literally Can't Even

I Glitterally Can't Even Zip Top Pouch, $17, Nordstrom

The perfect makeup case that simply reads, "I Glitterally Can't Even." Because hey, even the most glamorous girls get sick of it all sometimes.

12. Get Away From It All In Style design The Getaway Luggage Tag, $67, Amazon

I definitely live with the "I'm outta here" mentality, so this luggage tag is perfect for when you're totally sick of where you are and are ready to depart for somewhere (or something) better.

13. Snarky And Sarcastic? A Match Made In Punny Heaven

Kid Dangerous Bitch Peas Racerback Tank , $15, Amazon

The right combo of witty and sarcastic make for a brilliant result, and that's what this "Bitch, Peas" racerback tank is: absolutely hilarious, just like badass women so often are.

14. The Ultimate Pencil Set For Anyone With Attitude

Do Boss Sh*t Pencil Set , $10, Amazon

Are you a badass writer? Well, every utensil needs a bit of attitude, and these snarky pencils certainly say it all.

Images: Nordstrom (3); Amazon (11)